When Ammo Shortages Might Go Back to Normal

Have you tried unsuccessfully to buy ammo lately? In big box stores like Walmart and smaller “mom and pop” gun shops around the country, they are having trouble keeping ammunition supplies at a normal level to keep up with the demand. How did this even happen?

In the wake of such a troubled 2020 with Covid-19, a presidential election year, and civil unrest around the country has triggered a bunch of panic buying where people are stocking up on guns and supplies. That’s led to a shortage in many stores and even through online retailers as well.

It’s bound to go back to normal levels eventually, right? 

What the Experts are Saying

You are probably tired of asking the owners and employees of your local gun shops when things are going to be back to normal. Their answer most of the time is probably that they don’t know. A gun shop owner in Ohio named Joe Reamsnyder, who owns Velocity Works near the capital city of Columbus, says that he receives around 30 calls per day of people asking if he has ammo in stock and when he may get some. The answer remains the same…he has no idea. 

The hard fact to deal with is that these gun shop owners are having a hard time even ordering ammo because the manufacturers aren’t making enough supply to keep up with the heavy demand. The problem is that the manufacturers are reporting a shortage of raw material like lead. Plus, the Remington Arms Company, one of the biggest makers of ammo in the country declared bankruptcy this year which also affected many shops’ supplies. 

Most gun shops started to see a shortage of ammo back in February when news of the pandemic broke. People didn’t waste any time stocking up, and many times there were lines around the block of people trying to shop at their local gun stores. At a time where many shops, restaurants, and service industries had to close their doors for a bit because of the shutdown, it’s appropriate that gun stores were allowed to stay open as “essential services.” 

So When Will Ammo Be Available? 

Industry experts are saying that firearm supplies, including certain types of guns and ammo, will probably be back to normal by May of 2021. That’s still quite a few months to go before you can head out to your local guns supply store and stock up. 

Deer Hunters are Feeling the Pinch

Going into the fall and winter deer hunting season, many hunters aren’t able to secure the ammo they need for a successful hunt. That’s a sad fact that sportsmen and women may have to sit out this season since they won’t have the supplies they require for their annual hunting trips. 

Hopefully, if you are going hunting for deer this season one of your buddies has a good supply of ammo to share with you. If you are lucky enough to find some in stores, there are probably limits on how much you can buy. 

It’s just another way that 2020 has been a truly difficult year to deal with.

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