5 Ways Joe Biden Could Demolish Gun Rights

Is Joe Biden coming for your gun rights?

It’s scary to consider when you look at the Democrat’s history of being a senator and Vice-President that consistently fought against constitutional rights. This wasn’t something that was overly touched upon during the 2020 presidential campaign either, even though it’s common knowledge that President Donald Trump is way more supportive of gun rights — although we can’t say he’s exactly perfect.

On a very basic level, Trump is a member of the NRA, and Joe Biden definitely is not. So what are some of the other ways that Biden has shown his general disinterest in the Second Amendment? Let’s look at five ways Biden and Kamala Harris could demolish gun rights in the future. 

He Supports All Gun Control Policies

When you look at Biden’s website, it’s clear that he supports all gun control policies. He even has an entire page dedicated to gun control. They call it the “Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic.” It goes on to say that as a senator, he has defeated the NRA twice in support of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, and the 10-year ban on assault weapons in 1994. 

More Taxes for Gun Owners

Another bit of bad news for gun owners is that Biden supports a new gun tax. This tax would make gun owners pay an extra $200 for any semi-automatic guns they own, and on any 10+ magazines. For most gun owners, that adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars each. If people don’t want to pay the tax, the alternative is a buyback program. 

The Banning of Many Semi-Automatic Firearms

Biden is also in favor of banning certain types of guns. That includes many commonly owned semi-automatic firearms that are considered “assault weapons.” So that may be shotguns, rifles, and pistols that shoot intermediate cartridges. He believes high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 bullets should also not be allowed anymore. 

Ending the Sale of Gun Parts Over the Internet

Another one of Biden’s poor ideas on gun control is to end the sale of gun parts over the internet. This would include all “build-kits” and gun parts which would make it very hard for the average person to tinker and repair their rightfully owned weapons. 

More Litigation for the Firearm Industry

The gun industry would need to be on the lookout for ridiculous lawsuits that threaten to derail their businesses. Biden and Harris both support these groups that have endless amounts of money to keep the gun companies in court, which could ultimately lead to their bankruptcy. He even said during the election year that “our enemy is the gun manufacturers.” That’s a bold and truly anti-Second Amendment statement. 

Hopefully, all of the things Biden and Harris want to do about gun control won’t be successful. They are surely going to get a lot of pushback from gun rights organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America. It’s a shame that two anti-Second Amendment politicians are going to spend the next four years leading our country because our gun rights could be at stake.

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36 Responses

  1. according to the Constitution of the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is a guaranteed right of the people that shall NOT be infringed. Gun Control can only lawfully be accomplished by changing the Constitution. Change the Constitution and you might as well do away with it. Of course that’s what the Demosocialist Party wants. Look how they perverted the sanctity of life through Roe v. Wade. I often wonder how many Democrat voters they’ve murdered through the years!

  2. Let’s arm hJoe Biden’s Secret Service detail with BB pistols

    1. IS DEMENTIA JOE and his CLOWN BUS full of IDIOTS aware that MAINE has the best OPEN CARRY LAWS and the KIWESR CRIME RATE IN AMERICA ????

  3. More or less biden wants criminals to kill you you won’t have protection against evil that is rising I know I am going to heaven judgement day is coming and god will pour out his wrath on unbelievers in Christ or don’t know Jesus son of an ,son of god , fully god.he died on the cross so we can be saved repent of sins turn from them receive and believe in Jesus death buriel and resurrection so you can have your name written in the lambs book of life forever in in heaven also coming new heaven,new earth new jerusalem satan wants to stop god’s plan and see many in hell. Jesus god the father holly spirit loves us this battle is for your soul one satan take you to hell and father god Jesus Holy Spirit fighting to save you r soul .so glad I have Jesus and he loves us and we love him

  4. Biden is anti-constitution rights of the people, this senile pile of manure believes now that he is God and all people are to comply with what he claims,
    As for me, America is without a President, I do not acknowledge as president, any law he claims and sign are invalid and unconstitutional, and I will not comply to any DAMN Communist socialist’s so-called ORDERS. I will defend myself and family from all Communist Socialistic of the demo-crap party


    1. The Democrats can forget trying to take our 2nd amendment from America people!!!! We will stand against you!!!!!!

  5. Because Mr. Biden’s gun control plans do not take into account that most firearms injuries and deaths are caused by guns that are barely regulated, if at all, they will not decrease gun violence and deaths significantly. Very few deaths in the U.S. are caused by ‘assault-style’ weapons, or by semi-automatic pistols with huge clips. Instead, most are inner-city gang-related shootings using small, probably illegally-owned handguns. If Mr. Biden also included a plan to go door to door in these high crime areas and remove all illegally-possessed weapons, and jailed those knowingly in possession of them for a few years, that would reduce gun violence by quite a bit. Of course, since statistics show that over 60% of gun deaths are suicides, Mr. Biden would also have to reinstate a lot of mental health policies to remove those gun deaths.

  6. For anyone to think taking a citizen’s means to defend their family and possessions away from them makes no common sense. Yes, there are far too many guns out there in the hands of would-be criminals. If you take the common man’s guns away from him then the criminals will be the only ones with the guns. If someone kicks in your door at 3 o’clock in the morning what would you do, try to talk him out of it or throw a book at him? But then again, some folks are just blessed with a special kind of stupid.

  7. This is what we fought in Vietnam. Now it’s in the White House. Hitler without the mustache.

  8. Maybe this will be the catalyst for the Civil War that the Democrats seem intent on starting. Everything they do is pushing America closer to that goal. The first amendment is being squashed by the left as well. They are not even hiding this fact, and if the Supreme Court doesn’t do its job, Americans will have to bring back the sanity.

  9. So Mr Biden, If you take away the Citizens RIGHTS to own and bare arm’s. Just who is going to Protect us Citizens? Obviously not the Police as the Supreme Court has already stated it’s not they’re duty to do so, They are just here to investigate possible criminal offenses arrest criminals who break the laws of the land and let the DA know so he can decide whether to bring charges before a judge. That is unless you are wealthy or a Democratic Politician. Then the cover up process goes into action. But now you have people calling for the reduction of the. Police forces and de-funding police departments. If this is the case are you going to disarm all of the Secret Service Protection squads as they will no longer need guns either, just give them Tazers and Pepper sprays that should be enough protection for all. politicians or even the President/vice President. And don’t say people can keep they’re guns if they PAY a Fee to the Government, we already do this in the form of Registration/taxes and such.
    Perhaps you should reinstate Stop and frisk in the inner cities with high gun crime rates. But. You also need to remove the Qualified Immunity from police officers and make them accountable for shooting unarmed people and innocent bystanders. Disarm the average police officers give them Tazers and Pepper spray they can have a swat squad on call as needed. And employ more US Marshall’s.


  11. Slightly over half the country approves of the Joe B. plans( they elected him) –therefore over half the country are at the least, socialist– –at the most , commies.
    Our borders are like putting up chicken wire to stop flies from coming in. They are open to one and all. Efforts to protect the borders have been met with scorn by the leftist and those that are seeking and finding political control.
    Our police forces are being reduced, and if history repeats, future police officers will be hand selected by those in office. You can see what law enforcement will become as you hear politicians discuss how to “balance” our local police to “look like the communities they serve”.

    Our schools are breeding grounds for future leftists. The young are being taught how evil the USA “has always been”. Our statues are being torn down, our rights are being taken away one at a time, a great portion of the population is depending on Big Brother for jobs, living and food.

    The bright light of freedom is becoming dimmer as we continue to elect these people to local, state and federal political positions. Who could imagine any state in this country would elect AOC, or Omar, Harris or Biden etc .etc. They are bold, they tell you what they will do as they find power. Coming for ” some of the guns” is the first step, and as time passes they will come for them all. Coming for some of your rights is the first step, as time passes they will come for the all.

    I was raised to never let our flag touch the ground. Our flag is door mats for many of our people today.
    God Bless America, because the enemy is in the wire.

  12. We’ve tried the “soapbox”,and the “ballot box”,only thing left is the “bullet box”. DEATH to TRAITORS-ALL OF THEM !

  13. They only want to take away our 2 nd amendment rights because they know they are a tyranny government, and that’s what the 2 amendment was made for. All Biden and Harris is going to do is make criminals out of some law biden citizens and taking away our way of protect our selves . You don’t see them going after car makers, cars kill the same amounts off people if not more each year as guns do.

  14. Come get my guns you lefty pukes! I’ll guarantee that many of you will be dead trying!

  15. We all have a Right to Vote. Years ago, Democrats in the South created and instituted a ‘Poll Tax’. If you paid the tax, you were allowed to Vote. But the SCOTUS struck down the ‘Poll Tax’, because voting is a Constitutional Right. The 2nd Amendment gives us the Right to possess and own a firearm. Taxing gun ownership, like a Poll Tax, would also be unconstitutional.

  16. Joek Obiden is not going to demolish our gun rights BECAUSE HE WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT. Keep the faith.

  17. Making a law and being able to enforce it is ludicrous! This law might be inforced in Delaware but not in Texas .I will promise you that Texans would not stand for it and neither would law enforcement. in Texas. Would you knock on a gun owners door and demand to come in and take their rifles and handguns? I didn’t think so!!

  18. Crazy Joe is the original Poster Boy for “you can’t fix stupid!”

  19. People that hold public office are employed by “We the People”! He is not the King! His abuse of power over the constitution should make every American’s blood boil. This guy will sell out the country and pick up where Barack Hussein Obama was heading. Their mission to neuter the American people into docile sheep. Taking away our right to protect and defend ourselves. Law abiding citizens that don’t commit crimes are being punished as a result of a very small percentage of criminals that use guns to commit crimes. How about enforcing the current laws and put these criminals away! Soon it will be UN Police knocking on your door to confiscate your arms. Sad days for America under this feeble old fool we’ll be calling a President.

  20. NO one I mean NO ONE has the right to screw with our rights NO ONE

  21. “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”
    Restrictions placed on firearms will not deter criminals from using firearms
    Has nobody heard the warning from Australia regarding disarmament?

  22. With Biden taking over, the Democrats/liberals/progressives drunk with power and their attitude of taking care of President Trumps policies, did anyone think that guns would be left alone?
    Now we are engaged in a legal, local, state and National battle to keep our constitutional rights to own and enjoy firearms.
    It is time that every firearm club, association, rights, group come together under one massive associations with the power of numbers, financial strength and legal representation to fight the liberals firearm grabbing agenda.
    It’s not time to go crazy with rhetoric that makes us look crazy, but rhetoric that shows them we are organized, cool, powerful, and we are going to fight for our second amendments rights. This means now and start today at the local level. Organization is the key with funding. 2020 elections are important to show we are serious. We need leadership that is young and energetic who believe in firearms ownership. We need money and lots of it. Think 20.00 dollars a month from a million members times 12 months equals $20,000,000 dollars. Organized money, this would be the start!
    We need to start now

    1. Yeah, that will work. The corrupt courts are already in the pocket of the left. There is no way you will find relief in the courts. Not even the SCOTUS. They are all become corrupt and they are cowards. John Roberts should be shot for treason. He has sold out to the leftist mob and the deep state and has become a Communist. Where are you going to bring your case?? Even if you had all the money in the world it would not help. Just read the Declaration of independence if you want to know what to do now. It is our right and our duty when in the course of human history it becomes evident that a Government has become the oppressor of the people. It becomes our responsibility to throw of such tyranny from off around our necks. (Paraphrased) To rise up and by force seize control away from our oppressors. But there is a non-violent way to accomplish this. Tomorrow when you go into work go to HR and ask for a new W-4 form. mark the box EXEMPT and give it back to them. They will stop taking out Income taxes. Take your money and put it away for later. By removing the purse away from Congress, we effectively remove their power and their money. We overthrow this corrupt Congress and Senate without firing a shot. Then we ask President trump to make us a budget that removes all the non-producing deep state members and bureaucrats. Removing programs that are immoral and unprofitable. Then we fund that Government directly to President Trump. The ONLY other alternative is to rise up with arms and take back our great nation.

  23. Joe Biden tries anything with our rights there will be blood in the streets. Joe Biden is a buffoon and a traitor. He needs to go away now. Democrats will try anything to disarm America.. Joe Biden and Soros and Obama want America destroy. The democrats better think long and hard about what will happen if they try anything against the American people and the constitution.

  24. First thing Joe needs to do is get the guns from the criminals before even thinking about the law abiding citizens. If he tries taxing every American for all their semi-automatic guns he will start a civil war for sure. The last thing he wants to have is a hundred million pissed-off gun owners uniting together. Even the NATO police and our National Guard would be far outnumbered. All they need now is a voice to unify them. Of course the NSA and FBI would try to grab that person. I would not want to be in Beijing Biden or Hostile Harris’s shoes when they institute this order. And Bedo O’Rourke will have a long line of people ready to send him to the land of nod! It’s time to fight for our freedom again!

  25. I really do not think Biden is capable of initiating any laws unless he got them from the phony party he represents…he is not that smart and besides that, we have heard all this exact talk for years …the key word is EXACT dialogue. Now…if Biden does take. office and when he tries to attack our 2nd amendment, we should DEMAND that Hollywood stop making movies and TV shows that involve guns and other weapons…after all, what’s good for the goose etc..Hit the phony “uneducated Democrat loving stars” in their pockets. I hope everyone I send this to will send this thought out on the internet. God Bless

  26. How does that saying go–something like, if they want my gun(s), they can pry them from my cold dead hands. The law abiding gun owners are not causing gun crimes and taking our guns will not stop criminals from having or obtaining guns to commit a crime. There are millions and millions of guns owned by people going back to the founding of our country. We have a second Amendment that was created for this very reason-protecting our right to keep and bear arms. It is silent to the type of guns we can keep. So, the Constitution would have to be changed. I guess that is a probability if Democrats obtain a super majority in House and Senate.
    Unfortunately, over the years I have lost all my guns anyway?

  27. The Anti gun movement must remember one thing, We have hundreds of millions of guns for hunting and family protection. Can they defeat that without loss of life? I highly doubt it, but they may find out if they play with fire.

    These people are the rich elites who are afraid that patriots will defend themselves against government tyranny and Communism and they will be right.

    None of these rich bitches realize many of these guns feed millions of family members across the country! Because they have little income. Total ignorance on the part of the rich.

  28. Too bad no one asked Obama 12 years ago just what he meant by “fundamental transformation”! Well, all you brainless morons who voted for that closet commie are now seeing the fruits of his labor!

  29. This prevaricating plagiarizing piece of senile liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democratic political trash should be exiled to Russia since his attitudes about individuals rights are more in line with communist ideas and rules pertaining to ordinary citizens!!!

  30. Hitler did something very similar to this prior to WWII! Honest, law abiding citizens, will be left without personal protection against both criminals and their government. The latter, in lieu of this election, qualify for the title criminals. We, “We the People,” are the only defense that we can count on to rectify this problem. We need to unify and work together to eliminate the threat of imposing spcialism and the loss of our freedom(s), even if it means exercising our second amendment rights. We need to act now! We need to let these self-serving politicians and the world know we have not lost our minds and will willingly submit to these illegal acts.

  31. Sleepy can talk all he wants, but I would love to know how he would enforce any type Taxes, by backs, magazine bans. Maybe he will send the FAKE MEXICAN around, door to door and ask law abiding citizens to hand them over. I cannot say that I know a single Police Officer, that would go knocking on doors, only to get their heads blown off by people protecting their rights.
    I think SLEEPY has huge amounts of stocks in gun industry, and this is all a ploy to send gun sales through the roof, because it’s already working with almost 20 million guns sold this year. Even the Lefties are buying like crazy.

  32. Recent U. S. history has proven that Gun laws do nothing to stop Gun violence. If a Gun is stolen, the Person stealing the Gun has bypassed most, if not all, of the Gun laws.
    Several examples prove this point: the Las Vegas shooting from the Mandalay Bay’s 32nd floor by a Man who passed checks on everything ( Guns, Ammo, etc. ) in His possession. or, the Crazed young nut in Connecticut whose Mother gave Him the Gun with which He murdered Her shortly B-4 going down to the School to do His horrific deed.
    I wonder why some of these legislators have such a hard time understanding this simple thin Craig

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