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Gun Owners for Safety: A Club for Gun Owners That Hate Guns

A new organization ostensibly for gun owners for making the news — the Gun Owners for Safety, created by former Democratic congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

You may remember that Gabby Giffords suffered a gunshot wound while at a public appearance in Arizona, her home state, and had to resign from Congress shortly after due to her intense injuries. She was shot in the head at close range by an assailant holding a 9mm pistol with a 33 round magazine. The shooter killed six people and injured 19 that day. 

Since that time, gun control advocates have invoked Giffords’ name to promote their own political agenda. We’re here to tell you not to fall for it.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Gun Owners for Safety was officially created in 2018 with clubs in three states: Texas, Colorado, and Minnesota. They are launching nationally this month with the stated mission of taking down the National Rifle Association, which is apparently too pro-Second Amendment.

Executive Director Peter Ambler claims that the gun owning community must “move to the center” to create meaningful change. As the NRA points out in a press release, this is really about promoting gun control — not gun ownership.

“Apparently, they now believe that calling an affiliated group Gun Owners for Safety will lull some gun owners into believing they can be trusted to not impose onerous restrictions on them,” the NRA said.

So far Gun Owners for Safety has around 50,000 members, but with Giffords at the forefront they are hoping to woo away members from the NRA. They allege that the NRA has numerous legal and ethical controversies surrounding their board members. 

And let’s be clear: Giffords didn’t enter this debate after her own tragic experience. This is a naked political move. She’s married to former astronaut Mark Kelly who is actually running for US Senate in Arizona this election year.

The NRA Shouldn’t Worry

Gun Owners for Safety claims to be fighting for safer gun laws, but it seems to be a PR battle with the nation’s oldest pro-2A organization. As the NRA notes, the group has no gun safety classes, making their name rather questionable. On the website, their mission is to “end gun violence” through cutting off the “gun lobbyist stranglehold on the political system.” In other words, they mean the NRA. 

The members and leaders of the NRA probably aren’t very concerned about this new group’s stance against them. The NRA has nearly 5 million members on their roster. The only people this group seems suited for are people who hate guns already.

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6 Responses

  1. Take a hunters safety class or a gun safety course and practice alot . Then you don’t need to be a part of a deceptive group that actually don’t care about gun safety . Thier goal is gun grabbing , don’t let these deceptive clowns fool you .

  2. I am 71 and a lifetime NRA MEMBER, unless I hear from the NRA that a group is trustworthy I don’t even think about them and I know Kathy Giffords’s a coward who wants to take away our gun rights because she was shot by some psycho, that doesn’t mean every responsible citizen is going to go out killing people, if she had of had a gun or others had a gun they might have stopped the shooter before he did so much damage she has let a criminal turn he against responsible reliable gun owners and that makes he a dangerous to all gun owners who want to protect others and their families not go on a shooting spree, wake up Kathy you are letting your safety be compromised by banning guns!!!

  3. An armed person is a citizen, an unarmed person is a subject, if you think COVID-19 is scary you should look up what has happened in countries that have taken guns away, millions have been slaughtered because they had no way to defend themselves!!!

  4. Another domestic enemy group!! Those whom try to either take away our 2nd amendment rights and try to believe they have a right to take or change the constitutional right of the 2nd amendment are enemies of America. Slot of these people should be lined up against a wall!

  5. Lying shitheads will take your money to take your right away typical dems

  6. they want to reduce the police presents so crime goes up and then they will heighten their crusade for taking our guns. Yet everyone of them has armed body guards. do not fall for their bullshit

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