Unvaccinated Troops Now Threatened With Losing All Their Veterans Benefits

Earlier this year, “President” Joe Biden set forward a mandate for all federal government employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

According to the mandate, failure to adhere to the created requirements would result in stiff consequences, including, for many, the termination of their position.

Last week, the mandate went into effect, which has not only left tens of thousands of federal employees potentially facing the loss of their job, but because the United States Armed Forces are considered federal employees, it is putting thousands of brave men and women behind the eight-ball in more ways than one.

According to several military branches, including the Marines, Air Force, Space Force and U.S. Navy, active members who do not comply with the mandate will be ripped from their service and relieved of duty.

There have been life-long federal and state employees, such as police officers in various states who have been forced to either resign or face termination, this due to not opting into the “vaccine.”

There have been various consequences attached to not following state or federal mandate requirements. However, it’s possible for the thousands of active service members in the U.S. who have made the choice to skip the vaccine, that things might go from bad to worse.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) recently made the announcement that any service member who does not follow the mandate will not only be booted from the service, but it will be done so as a dishonorable discharge.

When anything but an honorable discharge from a branch of the military occurs, the service member is stripped of all veteran benefits. In other words, pensions, retirements, access to health care and other veteran services will no longer be made available to them, all because they didn’t receive a shot (or two).

It doesn’t matter if a service member has been in the Army for six months, or the Air Force for 20 years, all benefits could be stripped away.

The booting of non-vaccinated service members could have a two-prong effect on the military in general. At the individual level, those removed from service would be forced to re-enter civilian life. For these individuals, many of whom have been in the military since high school, finding a job and securing financial assistance for homes could prove especially difficult without the help of the VA and other programs.

Homelessness rates for former American service men and women would almost undoubtedly skyrocket, which itself would put an additional financial burden on city, state and federal government spending.

The second prong is a larger big-picture view of the military following the removal of non-vaccinated individuals. Specialists, such as stealth pilots, might be thinned out. Positions, specifically within the Air Force and Space Force, often require not only extensive training, but high-end degrees to match (that’s why the Air Force Academy is one of the most difficult educational institutions to enroll in). 

The removal of these specialists would weaken America’s ability to spring into action when necessary.

There will still be soldiers at the ready, but what happens when there’s no pilot to take them?

This would leave the United States scrambling for alternatives, or even the need to rely on outside assistance and other nations in certain instances.

Draft, anyone?

All of this because several thousand Armed Forces members have decided to exercise their personal freedoms and not receive a “vaccine” that’s not really a vaccine.

So with the mandate now having fully taken effect, when could punishments and consequences begin rolling out?

Ultimately, it will be up to not only the specific branches, but individual bases as well. Each American base around the world might be required to levy the punishments.

Could certain troops be transferred to different bases where the mandate requirements are not as strict?

It’s possible, but not likely.

For military branches that are being forced by the White House and “President” Biden to remove brave active service men and women from posts while stripping them of their benefits, spending additional funds to reposition them to a different base (or different country) is not a high priority.

Not to a puppet dictator of the New World Order.

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46 Responses

  1. I can not believe that they can do that due to the fact that they are rejecting the vaccine mandate under their constitutional rights. It is Mr. Biden who is breaking the law and ignoring the Constitution and a Stay Ruling from the Supreme Court.
    This stunt is illegal in its self. I feel that it is another slap in the face of our Troops. But do you expect from a self appointed President who leaves his own Countrymen behind in a foreign country.
    He is a disgrace to our country and the Nation. My question is when are we going to put a stop to this madness.

    1. A Mandate is not a Law and does not have to be obeyed. Lawsuits MUST come

  2. The so called Vaccine don’t kill the virus. If a person does have the virus and gets the vaccine, that person will feel like they have a cold or Flu. ORGANIC VIRGIN OR UNREFINED COCONUT OIL KILLS THE PROTEIN IN THE VIRUS. Why use a vaccine that only changes the virus ? Not only that but it can change into the DELTA virus and cause more health problems. And the people who got the vaccine can get the virus again ! Why are we still using drugs and vaccines ????? GO TO NATURE IT HAS THE ANSWERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Biden and his communist administration need to be removed.

    1. Get it done! All those entering the military (ALL BRANCHES) swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and to obey ALL lawful (Constitutional) orders. The orders coming from Biden and his illegal administration are NOT lawful, Constitutional or moral in any way, shape or form, NOT his mandates affecting the civilian population nor those affecting the military. So what are our military members waiting for to uphold their oaths by removing ALL of the treasonous communist pukes from our government? They were NOT duly elected by WE the PEOPLE, they only hold their positions because they STOLE the election through Fraud.

  4. I am glad you mentioned that Biden is a puppet of the New World Order. Too few Americans have made that connection. It is vital that they do. Biden is not the only world leader using medical martial law to try to bring in a totalitarian society ruled by the ultra rich. You can also include Macron Trudeau and Boris Johnson. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a real conspiracy by liberal billionaires who see one world government without borders as a way to enhance their profits. Tune into James Corbett’s articles to undestand more.

    1. If he was elected and took the oath of office for real and not in his demonic mind. He could be removed for violating his oath of office and executed.

      1. Biden and his regime can still be removed, by force if necessary, and tried and if declared guilty, be executed for the crime of treason against the people and the Constitution of the United States due to voter and election fraud, for which there is an abundance of evidence.

        1. Biden can also be charged, as COMMANDER in CHIEF of the Armed Forces, with treason for leaving $86.5 B in mitary equipment, machines, guns, ammo, night vision goggles, biometric ID portable units, etc., plus 4 pallets of billions of $$. You cannot leave items like this that a country can use against Americans. Whuch is exactly what he did AND HARRIS said on news that she supported that. So charge both with treason, plus for making America unsafe in MANY aspects. Death penalty should be on table. Stop allowing lawlessness and continually harming the US, plus crimes aganst humanity. Charge and carry out appropriate punishment.
          And get those high quality 2020 vote audits done, throw out fraud election and get rid of this whole Biden Admin and EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE. PUT Pres Trump back in legit office. And should get 4 full yrs as he’ll need every minute to reverse Biden actions distruction. But we know he can do it. Throw out Deep State; better to go down to skeleton crew and put in a good one.

      2. Joe Biden is a total disgrace! He is not a commander and chief. To even talk about giving the men and women a Dishonorable Discharge is pathetic and sorry as hell. Biden needs to impeached and removed from office not only because of his cognitive issues but for his criminal acts in Afghanistan. Furthermore he needs to be removed before any soldier goes home. Y’all it’s time we stand up and demand that Biden be removed from Office!!

  5. This is a disgrace to our military.
    This calls for immediate impeachment of our ” 2nd WORST president of the USA “

  6. If biden can ignore a court order then the military can ignore bidens illegal mandates. We need the military more than we need corrupt, pedophile joe. Let’s go Brandon f**k joe biden.

  7. I’m over all this wast of time talking and answering Quesrltion.Get rid of all them. Send them all to China every one of them and take there American citizenship away for ever.

  8. But he needs to save money so he can it all to unvaccinated and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. this insanity kill two birds with one stone, No troops to defend against this invasion and the money to pay for it. FFS Wake up America! and rid yourselves of this destructive incompetent clown aand its’ cohorts.

    1. Biden/Harris left FOUR PALLOTS stacked up with more than a Billion there sitting amongst the $86.5B in equipment and ammo in Afghanistan. The Taliban even filmed it for us, as they fanned out the packets of hundreds and thousands dollar packages. And now Biden says he plans to send them BILLIONS IN AID!
      I’ll bet Taiwan would have loved to have those military machines and equipment and money Biden just CHOSE TO LEAVE FOR THE TALIBAN AND ISIS. Even the billions Biden left… soldiers could have thrown it into their planes in amongst them as they flew out of the military equipment area. Easy. BIDEN/HARRIS CHOSE TO LEAVE IT ALL. Obviously deranged or done on purpose to continue to harm America/Americans.

  9. This is wrong! We should defend our soldiers! He should not be allowed to dismiss their service and take benefits and pensions! How can joe biden get away wth this? ( Notice I didn’t say president!) Couldn’t the dems find a better candidate? This man is a disgrace to our country. I”m embarrassed to be an American!

  10. While I served my time (20 years to retirement) in the US Army. You’re right about the fact that many politicians are never in a war to see what we as soldiers really have to endure. They do not respect a soldier and what many of us suffer on a daily basis while at war and even after lost wars. Politicians never face enemy fire, get wounded, shot at to bleed like we do or as we see our fellow soldiers die. I have seen many die and truly know this first hand as they do not deserve this treasonous treatment from someone like LG JOEBRANDON (as in Lets-Go-Brandon) who disobeys our laws and our Constitution. I once refused the swine flu shot in the US Army and was not threatened by my commander. I refused on the bases that many of my fellow soldiers were dying from the swine flu shot then. He should be impeached out of office and arraigned for trial to answer for this now. Take his powers away as soon as possible. I know that Puma Harris will also fail too if placed in the position (she doesn’t even serve us well, not even as a Vice. So when she tries this too we can impeach her out of office as well. It is as simple as that. Just being a member of the military is a sacrifice we endure. We don’t need someone that lies to us stating “bless our troops” after every speech and then tries this on us. He doesn’t even wish the blessing of a new born human fetus while in the womb to come into this world. He is indeed a bad Catholic follower, and only says what he wants not does what he needs to do. Just like the Border wide open, doing nothing is worse that at least trying to fix problems before they evolve in destruction of people’s lives. By his doings is killing many immigrants. We are also being killed, many of us in this whole process. SHAME.

    1. Well said, Manfred.

      And thank you for your service, keeping us safe and America safe. Consider running for office? We need more military vets in office, truly.

  11. The SHOTS ARE KILLING ADULTS AND CHILDREN! That is why they are not making ALIENS get the SHOTS! The Courts have told him to STOP the mandates. Biden thinks he is a Dictator! So, he keeps pushing them anyway! He thinks is ABOVE THE LAW! His Dr. told him in August that he is not able to be the President. His mind is getting worse by the day. There have been 76 NFL Players to die after getting the shots. ALL Americans need to STAND UP and PRAY for Our Country! WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT COMMUNISM to RULE. This is GOD`S COUNTRY THAT HE HAS BLESSED US WITH! PRAY FOR OUR POLICE OFFICERS AND OUR MILITARY! We are 1 NATION UNDER GOD! STAND UP AGAINST ALL EVIL! GOD BLESS THE USA!

    1. Please military PROTECT US from these DOMESTIC terrorist in Washington Biden and all the rest. HONOR the OATH you took and escort this asshole out of the Whitehouse. And let the big hard door hit him in the ass on the way out!!!!!!

  12. This is a Disgrace, Unconstitutional, Wrong in every way!! This needs to be STOPPED!!! This Left Wing Garbage is nothing but a Power Trip!! This is what every Democrat Voted for? I hope you enjoyed the mess you created in this Country, The Blood of the 13 are on your hands along side Biden!! I hope you Choke on Your Voting Choice!! I am a Veteran of this Country and What the Left are doing makes me SHAMED of my Country!!… They. want to pay Illegal Immigrants, Yet they People that Put their Life on the Line for your FREEDOM, They will be Denied Veteran Benefits??? Are They HIGH??? Is Joe Smoking Crack with Hunter??? SHAME ON EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. ACT FROM THE LEFT WING FREEKS!!! I’m so PISSED OFF NOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!.. Leave My Brothers and Sisters on Active Duty ALONE!!!

    1. They/CDC absolutely need to consider natural (Covid infection survivors have this) ANTIBODY presence in people, instead of just checking for +Covid that day. Natural Covid antibodies have been shown, in Europe, since CDC ADMITS THEY AREN’T STUDYING NATURAL ANTIBODIES, to be much stronger than vaccine created antibodies. INCLUDING AGAINST VARIANTS, EUROPEAN STUDIES FOUND, PLUS FOUND THEY CANNOT INFECT OTHERS. The pharma companies DO KNOW vaccine created antibodies “WANE” as they say, so created boosters, which may be required every 4-6 mos. So great that is covered, but NATURALLY created antibodies are not waning. In fact, 1918 Spanish Flu survivors (no vaccine was available) were tested many decades later and it was found antibodies were STILL PRESENT and high enough to again fight it! Importantly, NO SURVIVORS OF THE SPANISH FLU WERE KNOWN TO BE RE-INFECTED. THEY WERE TRULY IMMUNE. The Covid vaccines allow people to usually survive and lack of it can be disasterous, especially if people have other health issues. But for all those who were mandatory workers during the months before the vaccines were available…military, BCP, ICE, healthcare, fire fighters, EMTS, transportation, food workers…MANY OF THEM of course became ill with Covid. Some Governors told them to still come to work EVEN IF ILL but perhaps felt they could suffer through a work day. Many died. Others had it and if mild enough, didn’t know they did. BUT THE ANTIBODIES ARE GOING TO BE PRESENT THEN. THAT’S why they need to check for antibody levels, INCLUDING in the vaccinated to see when level “wanes” enough to essentially not help. Yhen know when need a booster.

      This is a no-brainer, yet the CDC ignores it, focusing on vaccine only. Vaccinated ARE STILL GETTING Covid infections. We know this. Is it because their antibody levels decreased to an amt that allowed re-infection? Likely reason, yes. I would choose to be around a NATURAL IMMUNITY PERSON than a VACCINATED PERSON WHOSE ANTIBODIES, UNTESTED may be way too low…waned. Yet Biden insists ONLY vaccinated should be working, and IRREPERABLE HARM to those who may be IMMUNE AND CAN’T GET IT OR TRANSFER IT!. They should be considered not only lucky to have survived, but should be the GOLD STANDARD desired people to have WORKING. Yet Biden tries to destroy them. Beyond foolish. Try CRIMINAL. Those EX workers, military, etc. should be in good position to sue.

  13. Obiden has no idea what he even says … it’s all coming from his handlers, including 3rd term BHO

  14. On a positive note, stripping our men and women in uniform of their benefits will free up the cash to give $450,000 to illegal aliens. Let’s go brandon!

  15. I may not be in a uniform now, But I Swore an oath to protect this Country & Constitution from Enemy’s Both Foreign & DOMESTIC!! I Have NEVER BEEN Relieved FROM THIS OATH!!!.. I Stand With Any Active Duty or Veteran because only 7% of Americans Join the Service to Protect the Country and Our Constitution!! A lot of the Left wing Losers are just Complainers, Think Everything Should be FREE, Yet they have NEVER Given to this Country like the Military!! This tells me they are SPINELESS!! They think they are entitled to everything just because!! That’s NOT going to cut it!! STOP THE LOONEY LEFT AT ALL COSTS!!! IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHOOMER, AOC, OMAR, JUST PURGE THE RADICAL LEFT, THEY ARE THE COUNTRY’S CANCER!!..THE BEST WAY TO STOP IT, IS TO CUT IT OUT!!! ALSO THE WOKE LEADERS IN THE MILITARY, THE ONES THAT MADE THE TALIBAN GREAT AGAIN!!

  16. Biden Killed 13 HERO’S For Nothing more than a 9-11 Photo Opp!! Then he has the Nerve to meet the Grieving Parent’s and instead of Listening to the Parent’s talk about those Hero’s!!! He talked about this late son bow who died of Cancer!!! These People Lost their 20yr olds When they were Blown up!! Thanks to Biden’s Photo Opp!! The Blood is on His Hands and the Woke General’s Hands for life!!.. Also the People that Voted this Trash in!!!


  18. Put that no good bum murderious tresonious alzheimers patient in a home or jail with his minions!!do this or America is over!!!

  19. Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment. Get rid of all these commies that are in office. Give them the treatment they are trying to place on the civilized Americans. .Clean out the garbage and put someone in office that is for the USA instead if USSA.

  20. Attention all mlitary personnel!!wake up wake up!you and americans are being murdered by the biohazard murder vaccine thats not a vaccine but a murder take down america tool by communist pig new world orderest!!wake up wake up or america is over and you will be dead and taken over by satan!!call alex jones and hear the countless doctors and lawyers describe the murder vaccine 24 hrs a day at 6417411776!!!wake up wake up or perish!!!

  21. Joe Biden should be removed as President of the United States of America due to his dereliction of duty! NOW! He is not protecting or Military, nor is he protecting American Citizens.

  22. This is a total nightmare. There are many reasons that a person may not desire to be vaccinated….including not being convinced that this is better than taking the chance on getting Covid – 99% curable – 100% with proper remedies. Vaccines are not even needed – as shown by the use of the
    monoclonals used to treat many people. They recover within a few days completely. It is all one big money making, de-populating ploy! I cringe to think of how many loved ones and friends we are possibly going to lose. Other reasons for not taking the vaccine can include religious objections, (as aborted fetus cells are used in all 4 vaccines – they lied about this, saying none were used in Pfizer and Moderna….but they definitely do contain this). Also, there are some, like me, who have had allergic reactions to vaccines in the past. And the final reason being, many already have Herd Immunity and will resist getting the virus in a much stronger way than vaccination….and many doctors state that it is, in fact, very dangerous to be vaccinated on top of already having the antibodies. (It can kill!) Those who say it is “MANDATORY” are either sick individuals or have zero compassion for people in these categories. PLUS it goes against our constitution and people do not need to obey anything taking away our God-given freedoms. Stand up loud and proud…just say NO!!! If we ALL do it…we put a stop to this insanity!! (Oh…and we all have seen that the vax does not prevent people from getting Covid….so technically, it is not a vaccine… the question is….what is it? Why is its ingredient list not debatable by other scientists/doctors in public?? Why is the entire scenario to discuss ramifications off limits on MSM news?? WE need a public prime time debate on TV. Will it happen with the crooked media we have? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that!

  23. One day we honor them and then we disown and disgrace them??? Americans need to form a nationwide protest in support of our troops and their freedom to choose. They chose to protect our freedom, now it is our
    turn to protect theirs!

  24. Biden’s a*s needs a jail cell for ignoring a Federal Judges order to cease and desist on the “illegal vaccine mandate”, if he can ignore the Federal Judge, then the military and should ignore “Demented Joe”!!!!!!!

  25. This is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard come out of a President’s mouth—oh wait, I mean BHO’s mouth (his handler!). I am a proud veteran and I am disabled from the Navy. I wasn”t sure before, but now I am running for office; especially because of bullcrap like this. Enough is enough. How long do we have to endure insanity from this guy??! I am placing the military families and veterans at the forefront of my campaign. No more of this bull****!! They deserve the best and had it with Trump. Please help me–I need your support. God help us and LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!

  26. A mandate is a noun meaning the following:
    A command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue will only be issued and given by the electorate (an electorate meaning “we the people”) through our State representatives. For example, the US President can be given a clear mandate to end a war; as long as the electorate has voted in the majority to end the war that an electorate body has approved to end. He does not have the authority on his or her own will to mandate a vaccine order of the people at large unless it is in a time of war or a clear and present danger to the public as advised by experts in the medical field. It needs to be voted on by Congress to execute. It seems true that JB acts as a puppet of a New World Order Dictator as we all suspect has taken over..

  27. It appears the military is not the only thing Joe nuked . He nuked or duked his depends at the Vatican . Pooped on the Pope . Nuked his drawers and needed a change of venue in his pants . LMFAO

  28. Time for our military ” leaders” to step up in defense of what troops they have. They are not trying to take over the government, only trying to keep it the way it was formed. If a dictator were to undermine our government, it would have no difficulty, due to lack of military brass “balls” ! The joint chiefs should own up to the fact that the democrats are trying to take over the government for their own power, not the people. The same goes for all of the major companies’ execs., and our law enforcement, as well as medical administrators, to let our government know, they are not a government of the people, for the people. Keep big pharma out of the conversations, as it is well known how they intend to profit. Time for them to spend money on CURES, not treatment drugs.

  29. Where’s the leadership?None in the WH and none in the ranks of the pentagon!
    22/24 elections time to remove all the tyrants!

  30. 22/24 elections time to remove all the tyrants!

    AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!

  31. You say that we the United States has always honored and even glorified our military troops. What about when we returned from Vietnam, spit upon, kicked ,called murderers, told that we didn’t deserve any praise, honor., or glory. Get Your head out of your ass and quit smelling the shit that you are spraying. This country has always honored our president well until our lying MFer Trump turned this great country completely around. He has turned American against American. WTF. GET YOUR THINKING STRAIGHT SON.

  32. There is a news story out that tells of a Cruise ship where “ALL” on board were vaccinated for this C-19 BS.
    BUT news came from this ship that in spite of everyone on board being vaccinated there have been cases of
    C-19 that have broken out on board, I ASK “WHAT” DOES THIS TELL US ABOUT THE “VACCINES” ????
    Are they REALLY vaccines or some sort of concoction to exercise control over a public that has been
    terrified by the (fraud) administration and the communist puppetmasters?

  33. The Bungler In Chief will let illegals enter the country untested and unvaccinated to contaminate us all.

    Military: This was done years ago if we refused the Flu Shot. Many were allergic to the shot and would have a negative reaction. Then, they would threaten to withhold our pay. A shipmate of mine caved and suffered the consequences when his lips and cheeks swelled and he took on a purple color. at the swelling.

  34. Joe Biden is a A-hole it’s time to impeach him now before he destroys this country !! Impeach him and change him with Treason! Take his money away !!

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