Ukrainian Veterans Detail How Government Corruption Has Stolen Billions Of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

Ukraine is expected to lose the “war” to Russia sooner or later according to Ukrainian military veterans, who have also detailed how funds that have been appropriated from American taxpayers are being misused and stolen.

One war veteran told The Gray Zone, “The weapons are stolen, the humanitarian aid is stolen, and we have no idea where the billions sent to this country have gone.”

The Gray Zone added:

In a video sent via Facebook messenger in July, Ivan* can be seen standing next to his car, an early 2010s model Mitsubishi SUV. Smoke is pouring out of the rear window. Ivan laughs and pans his phone’s camera across the length of the vehicle, pointing out bullet holes. “The turbocharger died in my car,” he said, panning his phone toward the front of the vehicle. “My commander says I should pay to repair it myself. So, to use my own car in the war, I need to buy a new turbocharger with my own money.”

Ivan flipped the camera toward his face. “Well, you f**king motherf**ker members of parliament, I hope you f**k each other. Devils. I wish you were in our place,” he said.

The Gray Zone also reported that members of the Ukrainian parliament have also given themselves a 70 percent raise – something they were able to do after billions poured into the country vis the United States and other countries in Europe.

“We, the Ukrainian soldiers, have nothing,” Ivan told The Gray Zone. “The things the soldiers have been given to use in the war came directly from volunteers. The aid that goes to our government will never reach us.”

Serving in the Ukrainian Army since 2014, Ivan is part of the division that uses small drones to locate Russian troops where he is stationed in the Donbas region but the situation currently playing out, is not allowing Ukrainian soldiers to do their jobs.

 “There are so many problems on the frontline now,” he said. “We don’t have an internet connection, which makes our work basically impossible. We have to drive to get a connection on mobile devices. Can you imagine?”

A soldier on the frontlines of Donbas, sent The Gray Zone a video of himself in a trench.

“According to documents, the government has built us a bunker here,” he noted in the video. “But as you see, there are only a few centimeters of a wood covering over our heads, and this is supposed to protect us from tank and artillery shelling.”

“The Russians shell us for hours at a time. We dug these trenches ourselves. We have two AK-47s between 5 soldiers here, and they jam constantly because of all the dust,” the soldier said.

“I went to my commander and explained the situation. I told him it’s too hard to hold this position. I told him I understand this is a strategically important point, but our squad is broken, and no relief is coming for us. In 10 days, 15 soldiers died here, all from shelling and shrapnel. I asked the commander if we could bring some heavy equipment to build a better bunker and he refused, because he said the Russian shelling could damage the equipment. Does he not care that 15 of our soldiers died here?” he said.

Ivan told the outlet, “If you tried to explain the situation Ukrainian soldiers are facing to an American soldier, they would think you were insane,” adding, “Imagine telling an American soldier that we are using our personal cars in the war, and we’re also responsible for paying for repairs and fuel.”

“We’re buying our own body armor and helmets. We don’t have observation tools or cameras, so soldiers have to pop their heads out to see what’s coming, which means at any moment, a rocket or tank can tear their heads off,” he added.

Another soldier, named Illya, testified that conditions have become dire and that soldiers do not even have appropriate weaponry or protective gear.

“If I had known how much deception there was in this Army, and how everything would be for us, I never would have joined,” he said. “I want to go home, but if I flee, I face prison.”

“In Ukraine, people cheat each other even in war. I’ve watched the medical supplies donated to us being taken away,” he said. “The cars that drove us to our position were stolen. And we have not been replaced with new soldiers in three months, though we should have been relieved three times by now.”

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15 Responses

  1. There’s no accountability from this administration the corruption the day Hunter sold his then Vice President Joe Biden influence peddling and his involvement with the corruption which includes China and may other country Hunter was selling that his family and friends were involved with. The real question is where’s the all the military equipment and aid gone? Who’s is responsible for the Distribution and the oversight? There’s more questions than answers

  2. I’d like to read The Gray Zone article in its entirety. Is it possible to get a link?

    1. Gray zone is Russian propaganda channel funded by government. Its content is created by government approved media personalities/propagandists. Their goal is obvious – create and spread fake news/disinformation.
      Decide for yourself, is disinformation worth of reading?

  3. No surprise here. The demoRATS have had this money laundering scheme in place for years. They have been sending “aid” to Ukraine which is distributed to government entities and businesses that, coincidentally, employ relatives of the demoRAT elites (Hunter Bribedem, Pelosi’s nephew and more). The relatives get exorbitant salaries and the demoRATS get “political donations” for their re-election campaign coffers. That is why our tax dollars are being sent there. The Ukrainian president has all of this information and is using it to extort these fine demoRATS.

  4. Our current administration IS made up of far LEFTIST greedy democrats (Please Note that I did not say or include ALL Democrats.) that are concerned ONLY with their OWN welfare and how much money that they can bleed from the conservative middle class & the poor in the United States of America and even their own naive constituents so that they can retire in their mansions & live kings and queens and to heck with anyone else on this planet!
    Respectfully Submitted:
    Sally Lee Frye Krouth
    (503) 716-0426
    [email protected]
    258 North 725 West
    Hurricane, Utah 84737
    For those who have fear:
    Read Isaiah 41:10

  5. Biden’s bank account is getting g lower, there were millions missing from Ukraine from the Obama Administration that went missing when Joe was handling the books previously, why should it be any different this time around!

  6. our doopy doped up president sends cry baby zelinsky billions upon billions of dollars
    for what
    what is he lining his pockets
    money put into account under different name
    than disappear fake killing

  7. JOE BIDEN is giving billions to Ukraine as his payoff of the crimes Hunter’s & Joe’s laundering money they have to pay for these crimes against America put in prison to ROT

    1. Hei dude,
      Do you get that Ukrainian civilians, including children, get killed these days every minute by russian monsters?
      Do you get that America guaranteed Ukrainian freedom and peace when US asked Ukraine to transfer nuclear weapons to Russia? To refresh your memory, it happened in 1994. This is what you can find about that in wikipedia:
      ” The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances comprises three substantially identical political agreements signed at the OSCE conference in Budapest, Hungary, on 5 December 1994, to provide security assurances by its signatories relating to the accession of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The three memoranda were originally signed by three nuclear powers: the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States.”

  8. God all mighty. This should have come as a surprise?
    We are pushed in a war by a senile idiot and a thiev in which we have no interest at all. When you listen to the idiot in the WH pretending that he is using your tax payers money to defend the freadom and the democracy of the world, I don’t know about you, but it makes me puke. This idiot is paving the world to a nuclear war just to have his WAG THE DOG moment while the people of Ukraine are displaced and dying in the war. The truth is that ,this time, Russia is not responsible for starting this war. Putin, as a good president who loves his country does what he needs to do to stop the NATO expansion toward east and take down a corrupt regime in Ukraine which is nothing else than a Biden’s puppet regime.
    The lying media here can lie all day long about how bad is Putin and how evil are the Russians but in reality nothing is far from the truth and looks like some of the Ukrainian people break to the censorship to show what this war really is and who gets rich in fueling this war.
    Feel sorry for the Ukrainian people but they should have never put in power a stupid ignorant comedian who was incapable or unwilling to solve this crisis through diplomatic means
    Voting has its consequences
    I should not be so harsh on them after all we have our own idiots voted here for people like All Franken , the bozo, and for sleepy Joe

    1. Russian bot,
      Your dirty job won’t succeed here.
      Americans are smart and thoughtful, we see what kind of heartless lies you’re spreading

  9. ukraine has been a cesspool of corruption for many years. thus it is a perfect place for many demoncrats (and a few republicans) to launder money. the nefarious deeds involved have been detailed in many books, but most people are blissfully unaware. we are not allowed to know what it in hunter’s laptop since it has a lot of details as well. it is becoming par for the course. we are not allowed to see jeffrey epstein’s flight logs, e.g.


  11. It’s not that I do not support Ukraine and its people. Especially the Brave soldiers that are defending their homeland against Russia. Should we help support them, Yes! But how much is enough? They were never a NATO Country to begin with. Hard working and taxpaying American citizens rights here a literally struggling to make ends meet. Inflation is out of control, our southern border is not secure. Millions of illegal immigrants are flooding our Nation at the support of this incompetent administration. Illegal toxic drugs are flooding our Republic. We have children right here at home not getting enough to eat. We have homeless veterans on the damn streets. Our own government is spending money worse than a 21 year old with their 1st credit card. They keep printing worthless Fiat money. They want to forgive billions in student loans to adults that signed a legitimate financial contract? All this garbage isn’t Free and it won’t pay for itself. The rich are getting richer, our middle class now constitutes the bulk of our population, lower, middle lower, middle, upper middle. Financially our government is breaking the middle classes financial backs. A little bit at a time. The demented Geriatric Puppet for a President is rapidly depleting our Strategic oil reserves! That could be detrimental in a National crisis. We have lost our energy independence and now this administration wants to lift sanctions on Venezuela to get pillforded more by an unstable radical regime. We can pump plenty of oil and natural gas right here but this administration wants to go green. Should we go more green, yes… That’s not the point. Surely common sense should dictate we don’t put ourselves into another depression trying to do that. The infrastructure will take years and years to develop, and cost Trillions and trillions of dollars. We don’t have it yet. Our own government has become the worst enemy American citizens have right now. The worst enemy you will ever combat is the one whitin our own borders and government. The very government that is heading rapidly towards a bigger more subjugating govt into Socialism. For God’s sake we live in a Constitutional Republic with free enterprise and Capitalism as a form of economy. The two will never mix, just like oil and water. We need to be helpful to our neighbors but not at the detriment of not taking care of the U.S.A. 1st and foremost. Sincerely. “IN GOD WE TRUST” N GOD BLESS AMERICA….

  12. Why bother doing anything as a citizen. Damn politicians are sooo corrupt. Yes, WHEN WILL THE SWAMP BE DRAINED???? AND THIS MARK KELLY, .. HE SHOULD GO BACK IN FLIGHT TO THE MOON REAL AND THIEF

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