There Are 8 Types of Gun Owners — Which One Are YOU?

MOSINEE, Wis. - A poolee from Recruiting Substation Wausau, Recruiting Station Milwaukee, fires a rifle similar to the one she'll be issued in recruit training.

Have you ever thought about what type of gun owner you are? In looking at how many people own guns, it’s estimated that three out of every ten Americans do, according to the Pew Research Center. So, this is obviously a very diverse community.

In analyzing the type of people that own guns, there is a marketing agency that came out with some fun profiles of people that buy firearms. This can influence how they use their firearms, where they buy them, and what type of guns they purchase. In each of these types, you may identify with some of their characteristics, or you may fall into more than one category. 

Here are the eight different kinds of gun owners, and what some of their traits are. It’s based on their motivations surrounding guns, purchase habits, and types of shooting activities. The marketing company that came out with this report did so with the cooperation of the NSSF, and a survey of over 100,000 firearms owners.

So, which type of gun owner are you? See where you fit below:

Collector: This person has a long history of buying and using firearms. They have probably grown up with someone in their family who has passed on the love of multiple types of weapons to them. This consumer is more likely to buy in multiple places including gun stores, shows, speciality stores, and online. The extensive collection they have can include some historical pieces, guns they have inherited, and the latest in technology they are the first of their friends to get their hands on. 

Hunter: The hunter has a large collection of guns to use exclusively while hunting. They are likely to buy rifles and shotguns from outdoor supply stores or sporting goods stores. Hunting is a sport they take trips to participate in each season. 

Social Shooter: This style of shooter loves to go to the range with their friends or family. They have an extensive collection of handguns with the latest gear and technology to show off. It’s estimated they spend 40 percent more on their firearms than hunters. Price isn’t a big issue with the decision they make when it comes to buying firearms. 

Urban Recruiter: Urban Recruiters buy most of their firearms from outdoor speciality stores. They like to buy guns that are mostly used by professionals. Tactical gear for them is a must-have, but they don’t have an extensive collection because they usually live in smaller apartments in bigger cities. 

Protector: The Protector is usually a family man that is mainly interested in home protection. They usually have kids, so keeping their gun collection locked up in a safe is extremely important. 

Skills Builder: A gun owner like this is always interested in improving their capability with firearms. They routinely go to the shooting range and feel that being proficient with a firearm is the most important reasons to own one. 

Guardian Gary: This guy wants to have high performance firearms that they know how to use well. They even spend 17 percent more than Collectors. Guardian Gary is also the most likely to be swayed to purchase by well-known brands. 

Debbie Defense: This gal is interested in self-defense, doesn’t care so much about brand names when it comes to guns, and will probably buy one at a sporting goods store. She also wants to make sure she’s proficient at using the gun she bought. 

Do you recognize what type of gun owner you are? Are you more than one type? Of course, these are just generalizations of the kinds of people that own guns, but it’s interesting to see the differences. With firearm purchases soaring in recent months, its inevitable that this community will only grow more diverse as we move forward.

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