60 US Troops’ Family Members STRANDED in Afghanistan; Biden Admin NOT Helping Them

Earlier this month, the Department of Defense circulated a memo asking troops if they have family members who are still in Afghanistan and who wish to leave. Sixty soldiers responded.

The Biden administration refused to do anything about it other than telling the press that those who were identified don’t qualify for US evacuation assistance.

John Kirby, the Pentagon’s top spokesperson, shifted the responsibility onto the United States Department, and the State Department has stated that Afghans only qualify for “parole” and evacuation if they are the spouse or underage child of a United States citizen or resident.

The statement is questionable as defense officials who have spoken with NBC have stated that there are still several dozen immediate family members of US service members in Afghanistan as of November 9, 2021, in addition to more than one hundred extended family members.

One would also have to wonder why the United States government is so hesitant to evacuate extended family members of US citizens when it’s clear that these individuals are in desperate need of asylum.

After all, the Biden administration is doing everything possible to grant amnesty to Dreamers and many individuals who illegally crossed the land border between Mexico and the United States, and these individuals’ situation is not nearly as precarious as that of relatives of US’ troops still in one of the world’s most dangerous nations.

Sadly, the Afghanistan evacuation has been completely bungled since its inception, and this would not be the first time members of the Biden Administration have provided false, inaccurate, or misleading information to the public.

In mid-August, Biden promised that all Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan would be able to do so as the United States would stay in the country to ensure that all citizens were evacuated. He later went back on his word, sticking to the August 31, 2021, deadline at the expense of dozens of Americans who were trapped in the war-torn nation with no way out. 

Thankfully, individual service members and even members of Congress took action in the wake of Biden’s failures and evacuated dozens of Americans and many immediate family members. Still, others remain and the danger they are in cannot be overstated.

The Norwegian Center for Global Analyses has reported that the Taliban is hunting down anyone who collaborated with the former regime in spite of its own promises to grant amnesty to such individuals. What’s more, in instances when “collaborators” cannot be located, the Taliban is arresting family members in their place and punishing them in accordance with Sharia law.

Door-to-door visits have become commonplace in the war-torn nation and any relatives of United States troops in Afghanistan are in imminent danger.

The US government’s callous lack of concern for the relatives of United States troops left in Afghanistan is yet another indication that the Biden administration cares little for those who have given their lives to serve in the United States Military.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan hit troop morale hard as current and former military members alike expressed dismay at the way the administration failed to care for Afghan citizens who risked their lives helping US soldiers.

Biden’s insistence on forcing military members to get the COVID-19 jab, coupled with threats of loss of benefits for those who refused to get vaccinated, have put the military in danger of being unable to respond to threats as soldiers choose a discharge over obeying a questionable executive order.

For the Pentagon to ask soldiers to provide information about their relatives stuck in Afghanistan and then tell these same soldiers there is nothing that can be done to help their loved ones is nothing short of cruel, and the cruelty isn’t just limited to senior military members.

The State Department could take action and grant these relatives the needed approval, so they can flee their home country, but Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is far too busy fussing about climate change to notice.

Only time will tell if these family members will be safely evacuated from Afghanistan, but right now the situation doesn’t look good and there is little hope the Biden administration will take needed action to deal with the problem.

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13 Responses

  1. I’m going to tell it like it is! Biden has SOLD OUT THE COUNTRY ALONG WITH HIS SON! To CHINA FOR THESE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS who has investments in the CHINESE ECONOMY BUT NOT AMERICA! There no sense reading these media reports or listen to them on TV. You know you will not get the TRUTH OUT FROM ANY OF THEM! EVEN FOX NEWS DOESN’T REPORT ON HUNTER SCAM OR PROBLEM HE CREATED IN RUSSIA OR CHINA! Everything make you wonder if he was the problem as his father! So Biden just try to make these two country happy! By destroying our ECONOMY THAT TRUMP BUILD BACK UP! AFTER YEARS OF DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT AND A RINO REPUBLICANS PRESIDENT HAS DESTROYED! WITH THE HELP OF A CONGRESS THAT WAS CONTROL BY DEMOCRAT! Don’t FORGET ALL BILLS ARE CREATED IN THE DEMOCRAT HOUSE.! NOTHING CAN PASS TO SENATE UNTIL THEY PASS IT! Now you want to point finger? Well you can start with NANCY PELOSI! House speaker didn’t try to fixed anything! But KEPT PASSING BILLS TO FIXED A “FAILURE” BILLS THEY PASSED EARLY! So the next person you need to point finger at is YOURSELF! YOU KEPT VOTING FOR THESE SAME DEMOCRAT! THAT WAS WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS! Welcome to the COUNTRY YOU DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER CREATED! Liberal are dumb people who live free in a country they hate!

  2. If I had family members abandoned by the O’Biden administration in Afghanistan, the LAST people who would know about it would be this whole corrupt administration. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they side with terrorists, murderers and thieves while despising people who have decency and moral standards. The O’Biden administration is truly demonic.

  3. This president and democratic regime in Washington can be compared to hitler and the nazis. They should be removed from office tared and feathered and sent out of this country never to return.

  4. Unfortunately your articles and our comments are the proverbial “Preaching to the Choir”. The current government of our country has renaged on all of its moral obligation to responsibility to WE THE PEOPLE as has our military leaders. Bidens actions concerning Afghanistan are treason and his lack of action to remove are people is reprehensible.

  5. My response, in regard to the letter that described what Joe Biden and many others have been involved in, showed them as the most crass, inconsiderate and totally uncaring people, in regard to the family members still stranded in Afghanistan! I’ve never had any liking for Joe Biden but this is the first time I actually see him and all the others who are supposedly taking care of these stranded people and supposedly bringing them home, as uncaring, irresponsible men, undeserving of the position he and they are supposedly fulfilling! It’s more than a little shocking and totally inhumane that these Americans would leave those of their people still stranded in Afghanistan! One can only hope that this inhumane behaviour stops and that all those still stranded are brought home within a very short time!

  6. Joe Biden is our country’s biggest threat to survival.
    He a tyrant
    He’s a dictator
    He’s illegitimate
    He’s as corrupt as the day us long
    He’s a pedophile
    He’s also very, very stoopit
    Poopy-Pants Joe …… our Commander-in-Chief!


  7. Biden Hates American Military he will not back them nor help them to come home, He is a total Ass and a communist pile of manure

    BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO KILL SOCIAL SECURITY, HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE THE ILLEGALS PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY? ZERO DEMOCRATS ARE NO LONGER AMERICANS. The Democrats’ new spending bill is 2,135 pages and costs an estimated $1.75 trillion. A provision has been discovered tucked away on page 1,647.Democrats have likely kept this hidden over fears it could cause even greater disagreement over the bill. Steven Camarota, a researcher with the Center for Immigration Studies, confirmed to Fox News that he estimates this provision will lead to an extra $2.3 billion in payouts to illegal immigrants who have U.S.-born children. The provision would end the requirement of a Social Security number in order to get child tax credits. As a result, billions of dollars could be potentially distributed to illegal immigrants who claim a child tax credit under the new provision.“No credit shall be allowed under this section to a taxpayer with respect to any qualifying child unless the taxpayer includes the name and taxpayer identification number of such qualifying child,” current law regarding child tax credits states. Camarota explained, “[W]e estimated that illegal immigrants would receive $8.2 billion in cash payments from the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC), which is part of budget reconciliation bill, also referred to as the Build Back Better (BBB) Act.”“The new program significantly increases the maximum cash payment, which is referred to as a ‘refundable credit,’ from $1,400 per child under the old ACTC to $3,600 for children under six, and $3,000 for children six to 17,” Camarota continued.“The new CTC is only extended for one year in the BBB, after which the maximum for all children would be $2,000.”NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only president of the ILLEGALS The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is formal impeachment, for his abuse of power, corruption, violation of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection and correct use of our natural energy resources, failure to protect the public, with run away national organized crime, self created national shortages, mismanagement of our economy causing high inflation. Mismanagement of tax payor monies in too many areas, lets not forget to mentionthe tragedy Afghanistan losses of our military equipment, along with the unnecessary of loss of life. Accepting gifts and money from adversarial countries with pay to play violations.Turning your back on the Cuban people after they asked for help, promoting electric battery vehicles use by attacking our current resources when what your seeking, won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022

  9. With Stupid, Villiage idiot Joe the Judas Trader at the wheel , what do you expect’
    he is not the pres. he is not here
    The Love of MONEY is the Root of All Evil , and joe does not care about you or anyone else , just money
    the villiage idtiot does what the Tri Lateral Commission , Cfr, UN tells him , he just follows the instruction s like the Dumb ass he is

    no clue joe is not ever going to care about our troops

    Speak up, Stand up , Tell some one , Tell All you know , Make your voice Count

    1. Ilegitiment clownshow Joe Biden has failed accross the board . He refuses to protect our boarders but yet he wants to send $300 million to Ukraine to protect thier border from Russia . Seems to me he has a special arrangement with Ukraine . Is this another quid pro quo Joe ? It appears to be ilegitiment clownshow Joe Biden. He has failed the American people here and in Afghanistan and will go down as a fraud and ilegitiment idiot that was installed as president through cheating and corruption . His legacy will be that he crapped his depends at the Vatican.


  11. I’m sure you already realize that a Democrat would never enlist in the military, so any GI’s relatives in Afghanistan are Republicans. If you can’t figure this out with that information, you’re brain dead.

  12. I wish God would bring down Karma on the O’Byedone / Harlot Harris administration and don’t know why day after day, He hasn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( >:(

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