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4th Grader SUSPENDED for Having a BB Gun in His Own Bedroom

A fourth grade student in Louisiana received a six-day suspension and a possible expulsion from school after he was seen with a BB gun during an virtual class session.

Ka Mauri Harrison was taking a test in front of his screen when the incident occurred. When Harrison’s brother walked into their shared room, an object fell. Harrison briefly stopped his test to pick up the BB gun, and placed it next to the chair he was sitting in. The air rifle only appeared on screen for a few seconds.

Apparently, that was enough for school authorities to charge that Harrison was brandishing a weapon.

“Harrison left his seat momentarily, out of view of the teacher. When the student returned, he had what appeared to be a full-sized rifle in his possession,” the behavior report alleges.

No one — not even the school administrators — say Harrison was intentionally brandishing the weapon in a threatening manner. It’s worth noting at this point that this was a virtual class session, and that the BB gun was in Harrison’s own bedroom. Fortunately, the student’s family is not letting this go without a fight.

“It’s not ending here,” the family’s attorney told local media. “It’s our intent to explore further options.”

The incident has also garnered the attention of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who blasted school authorities for what he is calling a gross overreach.

“I am alarmed by what appears to not only be multiple violations of both the State and Federal Constitutions, but also blatant government overreach by the school system,” he said. “For anyone to conclude that a student’s home is now school property because of connectivity through video conferencing is absurd.”

If the Constitutions Landry is referring to still hold any sway, this is a clear violation on the part of the school. Harrison did absolutely nothing wrong.

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20 Responses

  1. it is ABSOLUTELY AN OVERREACH OF WHAT A SCHOOL IS FOR. this is totally a liberal agenda to try and force children and parents into compliance … it is destroying are children enough with this FORCED HOME SCHOOLING now they want to FORCE people to obey the FOOLS on the left.

  2. I am well proud of this boy and his parents for standing up to fight this injustice!!!!! ALL LIVES Matter!!!!!

  3. The teacher needs fired and the school system needs a class on the constitution and the bill of rights . These communist clowns that think they can control the content and property in our homes that parents allow thier children such as a air rifles need retrained or a new field of work . The over reach must not be tolerated by these Marxist clowns.

  4. The lunitic leftist schools need to be schooled in the constitution and the sanctity of the home. Fight on people and stand up to such stupidity. The left lost its collective mind years ago. If we don’t stop them, all our freedomd will disappear forever.

  5. Hell yes, fight this intrusion of our lives. Being at home, in you bedroom is an overreach of our rights. Tell this lunatics that as Americans, we will not stand for this.

    1. I hope you are able to sue the school for over reaching their jurisdiction. I applaud the parents for teaching their son proper use and protocol of a weapon, even the lowly BB gun. All children should learn about and respect weapons of all kinds. As well as treating people with respect. Great job parents!

  6. You cannot possibly brandished a gun over a camera.. How can you menace somebody without being physically in their presence?

  7. Can anyone explain just why the teacher needs to see the student in remote learning situations. Sure the student needs to see and hear the student but why does the teacher need to invade the students home without a WARRANT???

    1. shows the overreach of the teachers and the school system into our lives, teachers are there to teach and not to police their students.

  8. I am 71 and think the teachers today are way out of line, this young man has done nothing wrong, he is in his home trying to get an education online, the gun fell down, this gun fetish has gotten out of control, I had a red ryder BB gun and no one ever accused me of being a mass murderer or even cared that I had it, I could shoot cans in my back yard and no Police were called, these people are brainwashed by the lamestream media and the teacher’s unions to act like fanatics against guns, guns don’t kill criminals do, responsible gun owners are targeted while criminals have guns that they buy on the streets, they love gun laws because they know they won’t follow them!!!

  9. Just about the time you think this country can get any dumber this happens and proves you wrong !

  10. This happens from Grammar Schools all the way up to University level. Boards of education do not educate any more. Universities do not educate any more. All of academia have an agenda. It’s leftist, PC and clearly not free-thinking. It’s more like the book “1984”. Yet not a single one of these institutions are embarrassed at their behavior nor do they believe that freedom of speech is a Constitutionally given right. It’s like saying, if you don’t agree with me you’re being disrespectful, therefore you’re fired or suspended. Absolutely mind-boggling.

  11. The school system is overreached itself without authorization. before the teacher can come into your house on a monitor, the teacher should have to sign a release form stating that would not report anything seen on the monitor seen on the monitor. The teacher has no idea of the status of the persons and their beliefs. Gun safety should be taught to everyone. The best way to teach at this starting at a young age with the BB gun. The situation burns my cookies.

  12. That teacher needs to be arrested and the school officials and school board sued!! This was a teacher peeking into the student’s bedroom and making trouble because of. Since the student in a minor and the suspension record stays with him this becomes lifelong damage, including problems getting a job later on.

  13. Who would’ve thought that forcing kids to stay home and do “virtual” schooling from home rather than going to schools for their education would open the door to your homes to the STATE? Now that the STATE has been allowed inside your homes on a daily basis, with visual access to your homes, able to observe the cleanliness, style, even parenting patterns and behaviors…so many things that they can look at, monitor, and confirm preconceptions or suspicions of domestic problems that they can report and get child protective services involved…and everyone so easily let the STATE inside their homes. My advice to parents that MUST keep their kids at home…make a space, blocked off by WHITE SHEETS completely surrounding a desk or table where their children must sit in front of their computer so that N-O-T-H-I-N-G can be observed, except the student and completely sterile whiteness. If possible, try to block out all intruding sounds of others inside the house, too! I’d also love it if the children can be prompted to talk like unemotional robots in front of their computers, too. Make this “NEW NORMAL” so disturbing that even the STATE will be freaked out. Or…simply allow the kids to return to their classrooms at their regular schools. And do I really have to say this: Of course, if anyone has symptoms of the flu or other contagions, stay home so you don’t risk exposing more people to the illness.

  14. One further question: what is next? Are they gonna require kids participating in “virtual” classrooms from home to WEAR A MASK during these online video sessions?

  15. FIRE the teacher, discipline the principal, reinstate the child with NO bad record or other negative marks against him. MAKE THE POINT that video-classes do NOT make the home an extension of the school!

    1. SUE THE PANTS OFF THAT SCHOOL DISTRICT, and sue the teacher and principal PERSONALLY for the anguish and damages to the reputation of the child and family.

  16. this is complete over reach, this young man has done nothing wrong! i live in the country, and i shoot targets in my back yard, no one calls the police on me, as a matter of fact, i shoot trap in my back yard!

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