The Truth About Universal Background Checks (VIDEO)

There is a serious push for gun control happening on Capitol Hill at the moment, one of those being the introduction of what is now known as “universal background checks.”

For non-gun owners, this sounds like a very benign policy. Shouldn’t everyone purchasing a deadly weapon have some sort of character review? Isn’t this just common sense? Not so fast…

As every gun owner in the United States knows, we already have background checks for purchasing firearms. Unfortunately, tagging the “universal” word to the mix completely changes its meaning.

Background checks for firearm purchases occur every time someone tries to buy something from a federally-licensed dealer. While there is no federal statute for this, 22 states in the Union require at least some level of background checks for firearm purchases. Universal background checks, on the other hand, bring the entire bloated federal apparatus into the mix.

If universal background checks became law, every single transaction involving a firearm would be mandated to go through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Again, this sounds benign, but here’s the real problem — this essentially criminalizes private sales or even transfers of firearms between individuals.

What this means is that, if you wanted to go on a hunting trip but something happened to your firearm, you can’t ask your friend to borrow his for the season. That would be illegal if this proposal became law.

This is just one of the many misconceptions about universal background checks. Here’s Gun Talk Media with more.

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19 Responses


    Yes remember…that A Bad guy, with a Gun, CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY A GOOD GUY, WITH A GUN…..

    1. While I agree with most of what you say,you need to realize there’s far more regulations on firearm purchases than are reasonable now. The problem isn’t a lack of laws or policies, it’s the soft sentences,& early releases of criminals who never obey the laws on the books. This is the liberal thinking , that the guns are the problem. It’s never a gun that goes out into the public,& causes death,& destruction. It’s the criminals!
      There’s nothing changing the way a background check,is done that’s gonna change criminal behavior.
      Criminals who commit murder, are too often released from prison, only to commit more murders.
      The only way to stop them is to permanently revoke their freedom, as that’s exactly what they did to their victims!

    2. So tell me how that is going to stop a criminal from obtaining a firearm illegally? How is that going to prevent a nutjob from committing mass murder? To register guns creates a list for an authoritarian administration like we have now to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens who only own guns to protect themselves from people who have no regard fr the laws on the books today. What makes you think that they will obey any new regulations. You are either naive or do not care about the second amendment and personal protection. Read your last sentence. How is a good guy going to have a gun if the government confiscates them all. If you believe that this is not their intention, read what the Nazis did in Germany in the 30’s and the communists did in China and Russia. You will see a frightening similarity between the administrations.

    3. Here’s the problem: In what ways should the parents be “implicated?” For not being strict enough and disciplining them, or for not being kind enough and coddling them? The NRA is all for working with law enforcement and the educational system to work towards MORE responsible gun ownership. Yes, MORE! The NRA isn’t about “KEEP GUNS LEGAL! KILL MORE PEOPLE!” Show me the pamphlets with that in them. Because your implication is that those owning guns now, some multiples, into the millions aren’t being responsible. Of the proposed hundreds of millions of guns out there, you’d think that mass shootings of hundreds of people daily should be the norm and on the news. That would certainly call for the levels you’re calling for. But it doesn’t happen.
      A couple of notes. Your introduction reminds me of nothing more than a Southern Baptist preacher opening their sermon: “Frrieeends…” And, placing the greater part of your argument in all CAPS doesn’t do anything to put your point across.

  2. I just do not see how the “Universal Background Check” requirement could be enforced without a COMPLETE GUN REGISTRY>

  3. I live in the south, at age 11 I took a hunter safety course, got my first shotgun right after that, and i’ve been hunting ever since! My gun stays in my closet, in a gun case, unloaded, when I go hunting I take my gun out of the case right before I go hunt! I don’t load it until i’m in the field! I’ve never pointed a gun at a person, responsible gun owners live responsible lives, we take gun safety serious, we follow the law, we do what is right, why punish us?
    The FBI, and ATF, think they have us fooled, a Democrat becomes President by cheating, the shootings begin again, to garner support for their anti-gun agenda! That is sick! They murder innocent men, women, and children, they put on an act, after they slaughter, the FBI rolls up, ” Ok folks, go on home, we have this” how stupid do they think we are! There were multiple shooters in Vegas, they killed the lone gunman, it’s all an act! So where were the mass shootings when Trump was in office? It’s not so easy when the POTUS isn’t a liar and a killer! You people are sick!
    No one talks to the shooter, he’s mental, what about the gun store where he allegedly, bought the gun, the public doesn’t see the guy that sold the gun! You people are trash!

  4. This Country is being run by criminals called the DNC! The technological world is changing along with the aspirations of a One World Government, they can’t complete their changes until the American Citizens are completely vulnerable! They want to chip everyone to own us, to control us, to manipulate us! The moment we are all gunless watch out, they plan on giving us a mark 666 good luck! Pelosi, Gates, Soros, The Bilderbergs, Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Rice, Kerry, Clinton, they think we are stupid! The Bilderbergs told the media moguls to steer the herd towards their agenda! Dictatorial rule! The Covid 19 was planned, these people are sick and twisted, and full of satan! Never give up your guns, never accept any mark of the beast nor any chip! We stay armed and we do what we must, don’t leave yourselves vulnerable! We have each other, ” WE THE PEOPLE!!!”

  5. The DNC wants to go to electronic currency, do away with the dollar, coins, completely change our system of currency! Everything we buy, our bill paying, groceries, everything will be in a chip in your right hand or forehead, 060606! If you don’t have the chip you become a hermit, you can’t buy gas for your car, you can’t buy groceries, you can’t pay your bills, no doctor, Dentist, Mortgage! Our Country is not run by Biden, or Kamala, they are window dressing, the Carnegies, Duponts, Vanderbilts, Krafts, the Bilderbergs run this world! They put that glorified hood rat Obama in office to get the ball rolling! This Country is run by narcissistic Billionaires with aspirations of running the world, only everyone must be controlled!

  6. We are looking at the border crossings all wrong, We are basically a One World Entity, so there are no borders, because in a one world-world, everything is wide open! We have seen our last Presidential- Election, and the real Rulers, are telling the DNC what to do! The DNC is printing money like crazy, because they aren’t worried about paying it back! Our financial system is about to be turned upside down, they know it, what debt they rack up, will be paid back by us little people! Once we are disarmed, we become slaves, the DNC imagines themselves to be superior, they have a rude awakening coming, the real rulers of this world are manipulating the DNC to do their dirty work, but when finished, they will also be slaves!

  7. The First Lady, (even though they cheated to get Trump out of office) Biden’s old lady is now First Lady, and she went to California to participate in Cesar Chavez Day! Enough said!!

  8. So I’m trying to imagine how the putrid federal government plans to disarm 300 million gun owners? The 2nd Amendment not only protects us owning firearms, it explains why we have the right to keep and bear arms, and why it can’t be infringed, it’s our right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government! bang-bang!!

  9. My ancestors fought, and died, to end slavery! The left, doesn’t thank my ancestors for fighting, and freeing slaves! President Lincoln was giving ex-slaves 40-acres & a mule!
    Andrew Johnson (D) Tennessee, took it away! Lyndon Johnson (D) Texas, became POTUS when JFK was assassinated! Johnson was a racist, he said “These blacks are getting too upitty, We need to give them something, not a lot, but just enough to pacify them! Why I’ll have those ni__ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

  10. African Americans are for the majority, without principals! In fact, they yell racism, they use the race card brushing their white teeth! The African Americans have no problem taking money from a racist! Lyndon Johnson (D) Texas started welfare, and he used the “N” word to describe African Americans! They don’t care that he was a blatant racist if he gives them trinkets!

  11. The DNC is molded around abortion, abortion is murder, that doesn’t faze the DNC, they even litigate the selling of baby parts!
    Do you actually believe that old pervert “Quid Pro Joe” when he talks somber about how they care about saving lives? Me either! Hypocrites, Perverts, and Skallywags is the best description of the DNC, that’s why I’m telling you to never give up a single one of your guns to those criminals, we all must die somehow, stand your ground against those tyrants on your own property if they step foot there uninvited to steal your guns, you have the right to defend yourselves against tyrannical government officials!

  12. If, WE THE PEOPLE, stand our ground, don’t say a word, just blow their brains out, when they come to take your guns, they will be leery about the next house! I would be! The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property, from a tyrannical Government!
    It is a state issue, not a federal issue! The DNC wants the courts to give them the right to enter your home warrantless, to break the law, and steal your guns!

  13. As it always is with the left, the issue is not the issue. If the left successfully removes a specifically enumerated right (of which they have partially done to several rights), then they can remove all of your rights. That’s the real goal.

    Gun control laws are always aimed directly at the law abiding gun owner. There is nothing in “universal” background checks that has anything to do with criminal activity. It speaks of transfers. Not theft. Not black market. Transfers. Pointed. Directly. At. The. Law. Abiding.

  14. I wish it were as simple as; Blow their brains out when they show up to take our guns…

    I think most of us may be unaware of the weaponry that they have and continue to develop that can / will allow them to target and disable/kill before one could even get a shot off.

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