Senator Dianne Feinstein Lists 205 Guns She Wants to BAN

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced legislation late last week to ban “assault weapons,” including 205 popular guns listed by name. If the law is passed, it’s bye bye to the Second Amendment.

“It’s been 17 years since the original Assault Weapons Ban expired, and the plague of gun violence continues to grow in this country,” Feinstein’s media release noted.

“To be clear, this bill saves lives. When it was in place from 1994-2004, gun massacres declined by 37 percent compared with the decade before. After the ban expired, the number of massacres rose by 183 percent. We’re now seeing a rise in domestic terrorism, and military-style assault weapons are increasingly becoming the guns of choice for these dangerous groups.”

This sounds good, except the part about most of it being untrue. Experts remain divided whether the gun violence decline had anything to do with 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

Further, the connection of gun violence 25 years ago with “these dangerous groups” is completely false. These are two different generations of Americans, not the same group suddenly buying different weapons because a law changed.

And what’s this rise in domestic terrorism about? Does this include Antifa or Black Lives Matter riots? Does it include the thousands of people who attended Trump’s rally Jan. 6 without entering the U.S. Capitol building? This selective identification of what is defined as domestic terrorism by the left pretty much decides whether so-called domestic terrorism is on the rise.

While we’re talking military-style assault rifles, let’s be honest — how many of the 205 weapons listed in Feinstein’s list are everyday military firearms? Not many.

If it resembles her 2013 list of 158 firearms, American gun owners would be in for a shock. The list included numerous shotguns, all AR-15 type weapons and a host of common hunting rifles.

We’re not talking about restricting Americans from RPGs. This is an all-out war to remove guns from Americans and demolish the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment clearly reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The phrase “shall not be infringed” is clear. Americans are not to have their firearm rights removed or taken away. Period.

Some critics argue there are fewer gun crimes in nations like the United Kingdom where firearms are greatly restricted. This may be true, but there is one major problem with this analogy. We are not the U.K. We are the U.S.A.

It might also be a little higher since America has a population of more than 330 million people, just a bit more than the U.K., with 66 million. That’s less than just California and Texas combined.In a nation built on freedom, Feinstein is swimming upstream against American gun rights. Unfortunately, many are siding with her. It’s up to the nation’s patriots to speak out to keep our rights before they are taken away.

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28 Responses

  1. Like many socialist dictatorship three things you need to succeed as a dictatorship
    (1) take control of the news media and instill fear and create faults promises and Propaganda to justify their lies
    (2) remove all Opposition take away the means of self defense. Control the justice system and from Hitler own play book Destroying and oppression of religions and
    Removal of civil rights.
    (3) weaken the nation’s economy and forcing
    unjustified laws and arrest warrant for unfounded allegations

    1. Mario you are so right…I was around before WWII started and saw what was being done by Germany. Stripping people of all their weapons, rounding up Jewish people, later banning books and burning books, and finally when no one could fight back telling people what they could and could not do. Fast forward to today….weapons being banned and taken away, banning books and soon I’ll bet destroying them, trying to control how people worship , with more bans and control to come……the scary part about it is again today people are letting it all happen…I pray to GOD that history does not repeat itself to the extent it did before and during WWII..if it gets that far there will be nothing left to fight the problem with.. Not to even mention how The Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia treated people. Today people need to pay attention to past history so it is not repeated…at the present time we are heading in a very bad direction.

  2. Wasn’t she the one who got arrested for carry an fire arm on a plane? Why come on her making herself look like a FOOL? She can’t prove anything she said! One the killing STOP WHEN CRIMINAL SAW THAT PEOPLE HAD ARMS THEMSELVES! That is the reason why it drop! People fought back! Now she lying so bad she need to RESIGN FROM HER SEAT IN THE CONGRESS! TAKE AWAY GUNS THE CRIMINAL GOT THE ADVANTAGE AGAINST ANYONE! And not to be out done you LOSE YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY TO THESE TRAITOR POLITICAN! THAT THE SECOND STEP PUTTING IN SOCIALISM CONTROL! You are defenseless to fight back!

  3. ” Shall not be Infringed ” means just that and anything they pass that violates the constitution it is our duty as Americans to ignore . The Democtats and this stupid twats wish list is certainly unconstitutional so it’s not going to be followed by most Americans . They will cause a civil war before these communist idiots are eradicated from American soil . MOLON LABE !

  4. Feinstein is just 1 of the numerous Liberal Democrats that must be removed from Congress. Every single time they take control of the House,Senate or both the very 1st thing they start talking about is which of our Constitutional rights they plan on removing or changing. Like a poop filled diaper any member of Congress that’s been there more than 10 years must be removed for the good for our ountry

  5. And the criminals are OUR GOVERNMENT! Is that so hard for all our cowards to see! How far must people be pushed before we wake up? If we don’t resist and fight back this nation is doomed! Arm yourselves and take our country back by force! It’s the only thing they understand! They don’t give a damn about the school kids who are killed by their gun free zones! If they did there wouldn’t be any abortions! Those babies are KIDS TOO! So can’t you see how much they care? If you give up your arms you will die just like all those who gave their guns up to their governments before! North Korea up to 3.5 million killed, Armenian 1.5 million killed, Cambodia 3 million killed, Japan up to 14 million killed, China 4.2 million killed, Germany 17 Million killed, Russia 3 to 60 Million killed, because they didn’t agree to their governments philosophy. If we give up our freedom how many of us will join those ranks? They say they want to exterminate more then 90% of the world population for their New World Order! Yes if you fight you might die fighting, but you kids just might have a Free future, like the one we use to have before they came into power! The second amendment is for hunting these tyrants! Hunting those people who would take our freedoms away! It’s time we go hunting! And TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! WAKE UP!

  6. This woman?? nutcase needs a large tube of superglue applied to her mouth! One drop for every lie she has told! Oh !! wait there is not that much glue around. Well–do the best you can.

  7. It is the Politicians like Fienstien, Shumer, Pelosi, etc. Longtime Suckers on the Public Taxpayers Dollars that need Banning, not Firearms. Our Forefathers gave we the Citizens the 2nd Second Amendment to protect ourselves from these very types that want to control our lives through their Ultra Liberal Legislation. When they Founded our Government, they limited the President’s term to maximum 8 years (They did not want a Monarchy). They also were saying Representatives serve 2 years and go home, Senators serve 6 years and go home. NO Professional Politicians, Judges of the Supreme Court serve for Life to Rule over Congress and Protect the Taxpaying Citizen’s RIGHTS!

    Go Home those who want to take away our Constitutional Rights!

  8. From her photo, it looks like she hasn’t opened her eyes to see the real world. Another delusional demo who thinks law-abiding citizens are selling all their guns to criminals, or that those same law-abiding citizens buy ‘them’ nasty guns to rob their neighbors.

  9. Idiots like her give everyone a bad name, her state and a few others have problems with cities out of control because liberal socialist politicians like their governors are stupid and want to remove police who take guns from criminals. If your state has a problem solve that first and stop trying to control everyone else. If you cannot control your own state you should be removed from office for incompetence!

  10. I encourage congress to propose a bill that bans old ladies over 80 years old to serve in politics. This woman and many like her in D.C. are afraid of their own shadow and believe us law abiding American gun owners are mad crazed murderers. I take offense to these people they should be cancelled. They like to label us “Gun Nuts”. What does that even mean? Someone interested in defending themselves and their family in a time when Police departments are being defunded should not be punished as a result of laws currently on the books are not being enforced by liberal judges and prosecutors. LEAVE US ALONE!

  11. Come and get them. We the People will stand up for our rights and freedoms. We are not lambs to the slaughter. The vast majority of the military will not stand beside you. You think they will harm their own family’s and friends? This ain’t 1939. Since you are already “woke” you need to open your eyes. Nuff’said.

  12. That stupid bitch Feinstein couldn’t find her ass with a guide map! This is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful! We are law abiding gun owners who followed the rules, we did the FFL and now we are the only ones being punished? You DNC politicians can come get my guns a bullet at a time!

  13. This old idiot has a permit to carry. How many weapons does she own and what type are they? I’m more afraid of some one like this 80 something year old witch carrying a gun in public. Will she cause a road rage incident and shoot some people ? These are the idiots who want to disarm America.

  14. Tell Feinstein she needs a 2 crawl back in her fancy house behind your fancy fence and shut her freaking mouth read the Constitution we the people have the right to bear arms

  15. The ultimate plan is to disarm the gunowner through stringent laws and above all, TAXATION. Force gunowners to take mental acuity tests to qualify for licensing, Place draconian fees on the licensing of each firearm, expand federal taxes on ammunition and firearm manufacturing. Biden’s plan will force over 90 million gunowners to become instant felons by resisting these new restrictions. The result: ARMED RESISTANCE & REVOLUTION,!!

  16. that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
    Self protection (owning a gun) is a God-given right. It is NOT a right granted by any government and thus, they cannot take it away. The second amendment was put there to protect the people from an out of control and tyrannical government, which we obviously have right now. DO NOT GIVE AN INCH. I will NEVER willingly surrender my weapons.

  17. It’s time for the second war for independence, i.e. send all democrats, RINOs, Marxists/socialists, etc. to hell and return this country to that which our Founding Fathers established. Keep your powder dry!

  18. So why not name the guns on her list or post a link to the list? Another case of bad and incomplete journalism!

  19. Enough nonsense. Don’t cast anger at these addled old coits suffering dementia. Amazingly the Jewis persuasion has forgotten their horrible past and are now reinventing it. Concentrate on what these people love and alter that. Use your imagination. Chicken Littles, everyone of them. The People’s House is fortified for their protection and the wall to protect this country is decimated. Our law enforcement has to battle street warriors with their attacks using pump up sprayers filled with urine. Ready up. Molon Labe

  20. Time to ELIMINATE these TRAITORS ! Soapbox won’t work, ballotbox failed due to fraud, bulletbox is about the only thing left. Democrap’s have a sickness,we have the CURE (lead poisoning).

  21. I want to list 205 senators that should be banded, and removed from office, because they do not support the Constitution and the Oath they took.

  22. I’ve got an idea, let’s ban Dianne Feinstein and that bloody 357 she carries in her purse everywhere she goes. Her saying that back in 1994-2004 there was a decline in massacres from the previous decade, doesn’t mean squat! Things and times are different now, Antifa wasn’t running amok back then nor was their all these protests going round nor BLM for that matter either. Removing guns won’t save lives, because as we all know the bad guys will keep theirs and still do whatever the hell they want to do with them. What this will do is make it even hard for citizens to defend themselves from both the bad guys and governmental tyranny, which is another part of the 2nd that Patrick Henry (author of the 2nd) argued so eloquently before Congress for it’s inclusion into the Bill of Rights.

    Things like this aren’t going to ever stop until We The People, do something to stop it! Our leaders have forgotten that THEY work for us, not us for them! Dianne Feinstein hasn’t done diddly for her district nor has Nancy Pelosi for hers either, pretty much since they’ve been in office, other than to enrich themselves and become millionaires, which seems to be what going into politics is all about these days. And would somebody please tell me why Congress isn’t in session for 6 months out of the year, when they can’t seem to get anything done in 12 months either (mostly because they don’t know what needs doing in their districts)? Being a member of Congress was never intended to be a full time job, because as such your representatives never get a chance to go home return to their jobs (whatever they were doing BEFORE they got elected to Congress) and see how their districts are doing with them being tied up in Washington every bloody year. So now we’ve got a bunch of delusional out of contact with their districts “representatives” who don’t know any of the problems their constituents are facing (nor will they take any calls from them either).

    The 2nd is under fire again, because Democrats can’t stand the idea that we the people of the US have them and can use them in our own and public defense from both foreign and domestic aggression and or tyranny. And they keep prattling on about “their Democracy” when we’re not really a democracy, we’re a Representative Republic (with very few Representation being done these days).

    Now nobody wants to entertain the idea of going to war with their own country (I certainly don’t), but sometimes you’re left with no other reasonable choice. And now with both the Senate and the House in control by the Democratic Party, we’re doubly damned, because there IS no opposing view points being entertained, the members just vote along their party lines and of course the majority (democrats) win, no matter what is or has been proposed and most of their proposals are very thinly unconstitutional. Like there is no provision in the 2nd of what types of arms you are restricted to. At the time of it’s adoption the British Brown Bess was the most devastating weapon around. And to be truthful (which Dianne isn’t being) Assault Weapons are already illegal without a special license. Being that assault weapons are almost always full auto machine guns or have the capability to become full auto at the flick of a switch. Since none of the Semi Automatic rifles out there (specifically the AR 15, which are M16 Styled, because they’re based upon the same frame) are in any way an assault anything, they’re one shot fired per trigger pull….nobody in their right mind would try an assault on anything (especially any sort of military outfit) with one of those. But it is that term “Semi Automatic” that trips these senators up, because in their mind anything that is semi automatic, can become full automatic (a machine gun) with a little modification…more like a lot of modification or the use of a bump-stock (which are also illegal now).

    We’re going to have to do something folks, because nobody in our government is on our side in anything these days, no matter what they claim. So either get used to the idea of bending the knee and forsaking the rights we’ve enjoyed since before the Dem’s took up the banner of Socialism as their new play book. Rather than supporting the Constitution, they’d like to re-write it or modernize it a bit (which would certainly mean dropping the 2nd and probably the other 9 as well). Or we find some way to stand up to them, maybe form that new party I keep hearing about, whatever it’s called. Whatever we do, we got to do it as a nation, because only the nation can tell it’s leaders whose boss….and it ain’t them!

  23. It is time for Law abiding citizens to wake up. The Extreme far left are doing everything possible to turn the United States into a communist country. Our Representatives in the House and Senate are not doing the peoples will or our rights under the Constitution or our Bill of Rights….but have tunnel vision to follow destroy our Nation just as Hitler did. They thrive on their own will and what they wish!
    1. Citizens right now do not recognize that the Capitol….Washington, DC is right now in a state of undeclared Martial Law by utilizing the National Guard! Just in the the first step of showing that gun confiscation is needed to protect the Feinstein and Pelosi ….not to mention our own Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin who has falling in step with Pelosi and the Left’s Movement. Joe ran twice on protecting Protecting our Constitution and the Protection of the 2nd amendment, but it seems it was just to get the vote for the Senate election.
    2. The Laws are being broken by cutting the law enforcement, and permitting the riots and burning of businesses and looting the items in those buildings. it is called “Lawlessness” in the Bible. Where there is no Law….you have gangs, looting, murder, etc. If this persists….and continued to allow to happen…….Is it any wonder it is being pushed to outlaw guns? Take a hard look at California, Oregon and Washington States which are wanting gun control; however they, cut the police force and do not want the National Guards presence!
    3. Our Nation is on its way to destruction…..Immigration is way out of control by this present Administration. You and I can look forward to Biden to make sure that we will pay for their housing, busing, health and welfare, food, clothing, dental care, phones, electric Medicaid Cards, just to mention a few! The Bible says “if a man does not work, then he doesn’t eat”, yet we Americans can hardly keep up with our costs to provide for our families and our bills. It is crazy to let a flood of “ILLEGAL” immigrants just to flood into our Nation with our a background check. Welcome to terrorists’, murders, rapists, thieves, drugs, etc. …….As this Administration sees it… immigration laws are needed! No wonder the far Left say we don’t needs guns! I would Love to see the House and Senate members have to live one month in the Southern borders without protection from the Border Patrol; however, this is exactly what is occurring to the citizens of those border States.
    4. May I ask why that for a few years here in West Virginia we have seen United Nation Vehicles along with the National Guard maneuvering together in a secluded area? I fully am persuaded that we are seeing the downfall of our great American Nation. God help us for the next 4 years.
    5. Your can see the hatred of the President by the Executive Orders he has signed……wake up Americans, this is the beginning of DICTATORSHIP JUST LIKE HITLER.

  24. Lets just ban Feinstein. It is a lot easier and it doesn’t screw with people’s rights.

  25. the people that have re loaders & the nessary products must be super terrorist ? if they come for your firearms they will take that too, all things that you bought legually that in it’s self is theft of priviet property or they MIGHT GIVE YOU PENNEYS ON THE DOLLAR if your lucky.
    push a dog into a corner’ what happens?

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