Left-wing Red Flag Laws Receive Serious National Blowback

Anti-gunner billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues his quest to unseat President Donald Trump. Bloomberg declared quelling firearms violence as his number one priority. He is using highly controversial red flag laws enacted at the state and local levels to do so.

Those laws enable the police to confiscate all arms owned or otherwise possessed by an individual based on unfounded accusations. Some 20 states already have red flag laws in place either statewide or at the local level.

Many local units, though, are opposing red flag laws. Some local units have declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. Red flag laws and others deemed to violate the Second Amendment will not get enforced by such locales. Instead, state police would have to handle the gun confiscations.

Georgia lawmakers who support the Second Amendment and due process are going a step further to protect gun owners. A Republican state representative recently filed a bill seeking to ban red flag laws in the Peach State. The measure would affirm federal law supersedes state law, and red flag laws violate the U.S. Constitution.

In other words, even a federal red flag law violates the U.S. Constitution and would not get enforced in Georgia. Only federal law enforcement would do that if such a law were enacted. Given the fervor with which anti-gunners are working to enact red flag laws at the local level, the Georgia measure makes a lot of sense.

Bloomberg openly admits that he uses his personal wealth to influence local elections with massive influxes of campaign donations and third-party advertising to promote anti-gun politicians. Most of that comes via Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun group mostly comprised of people who want the Second Amendment abolished and firearms removed from civilians.

Bloomberg has said he will spend every cent he has to enact draconian gun laws. In Bloomberg’s world, the only people who should be armed are wearing uniforms and working for a local, state, or federal government. Local red flag laws are his preferred weapons against the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens who dare to arm themselves for self-defense and sporting purposes.

His and anti-gunners’ preferred confiscation tool, red flag laws, eliminates all due process. All it takes is a co-worker, family member, co-parent, or a police officer to falsely accuse you of being a threat to yourself or others. That will trigger a mandatory confiscation of your firearms for at least several months and possibly forever.

Such laws invite abuse of the system. A woman in Colorado recently used that state’s red flag law to harass a college campus police officer who justifiably shot and killed her son. The youth was armed with a large knife, threatened the campus police officer, and charged him. He ate a bullet a died.

The mother retaliated by successfully filing a red flag law complaint against the officer and got his guns confiscated. The mother lied by claiming the two share a child in common and a threat to himself or others. The state’s anti-gunners support the mother, because they want red flags laws in place to confiscate more firearms.

Anti-gunners using red flag laws to deny due process and confiscate lawfully owned arms directly threaten the Second Amendment. Fortunately, many local units and state lawmakers are fighting back. Georgia is proof.

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