Democrats Want To Strip African-Americans of Gun Rights

The Democratic Party has been courting black voters for decades only to turn around and push policies that disproportionately harm them. Now the entire field of Democratic presidential hopefuls wants to strip African-Americans of their Second Amendment gun rights.

At a recent Bernie Sanders rally, a man was attacked for merely wearing a “Black Guns Matter” T-shirt. A viral video has been circulating showing the assault at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Non-liberal media outlets have been posting the incident and transcripts of the brief dialogue leading up to the brawl.

“Black Guns Matter equates to racism?” the man with the “Black Guns Matter” is heard responding to an accusation.

“Yes, that’s what you’re equating them to,” a violent Sanders supporter shouts. “You’re equating black guns to black people, black lives, that’s exactly what you’re doing. I hope those guns are as important to you as other people’s lives.”

The white liberal Sanders supporter then attacks the black man. Maj Toure, the man responsible for founding the Black Guns Matter movement, highlighted precisely what is at issue for African-Americans following the altercation.

“It speaks to his open-mindedness that he’s a Black Guns Matter supporter at a Sanders rally trying to be objective,” Toure reportedly said. “A lot of white liberals are racist. That’s just the reality of it. Nothing makes a racist more upset than someone speaking out for black people’s lives.”

For what it’s worth, the incident took place directly next to the podium Sen. Sanders was speaking at, and he never even paused. As the front runner, Sanders’ desire to strip African-Americans of the ability to defend themselves speaks volumes to the field of candidates. Several candidates have a proven record of racist policies and legislation that the left-leaning media continues to ignore.

Despite being the first African-American president’s number two, former Vice President Joe Biden sided with White Supremacists against desegregation, and counted known Ku Klux Klan members among his friends. Biden was also instrumental in pushing harsh sentencing laws, such as the so-called “three strikes” rule, that resulted in black offenders receiving disproportionately longer prison sentences, including life without parole.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg implemented the “stop and frisk” policy that targeted and harassed the black community. The billionaire also funded the campaigns of anti-gun lawmakers in Virginia to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. Democrats have seized control and are doing just that.

“Virginia is the birthplace of the racist practice of gun control in America,” Toure said at a Virginia gun-rights rally. “Governor Blackface’s actions are showing us much hasn’t changed.”

Under South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, African-Americans were unfairly arrested in the Indiana city.

“Under your leadership as mayor, a black resident in South Bend, Indiana, was four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white resident,” ABC correspondent Linsey Davis pressed the mayor in the New Hampshire debate. “Now, that racial disparity is higher than the rest of the state — in fact, it’s higher than the rest of the nation — and that disparity increased in South Bend after you took office. When talking about the problem on national terms, you’ve called it ‘evidence of systemic racism.’ You were mayor for eight years, so weren’t you, in effect, the head of the system? And how do you explain that increase in black arrests under your leadership?”

The facts are the racial disparities increased under Mayor Pete, and now he wants to take away firearm rights as well.

And it’s important for black voters to keep in mind that the plans to come into people’s homes and take away your best means of self-defense is only the latest in a long line of moves to disenfranchise African-Americans. Liberal law and policymakers have increased arrests, increased prison sentencing, seen a surge in abortions, and perpetuated low unemployment. In short, Democrats have devastated black communities across the nation, and taking away legal gun ownership will only make everyday people more vulnerable.

President Donald Trump has famously asked African-Americans, “What have you got to lose,” by voting for him. That question has been answered: jobs, justice, and guns.

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