Democrats Attack Second Amendment with Background Check Expansion

Democrats introduced The Background Check Expansion Act in the Senate this week, seeking to expand federal background checks on all gun sales. The new legislation would require unlicensed or private firearm sellers to conduct a background check before transferring a firearm.

Democrat Senator Congressman Chris Murphy of Connecticut introduced the legislation. He released a statement that said “this legislation has the chance to bring this country together — even 85 percent of gun owners believe in expanding background checks, and a growing anti-gun violence movement, made up of both Democrats and Republicans, is demanding change.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has added his approval as well, stating, “Ending the epidemic gun violence starts with meaningful and commonsense reforms. This legislation will take the long-overdue step of closing dangerous loopholes in the existing background check system to help keep all of our communities safe.”

According to The Hill, the only exceptions under the new legislation for gun transfers would include “transfers between law enforcement officers, loaning firearms for hunting, gifting to immediate family members, inheritance transfers and temporary transfers for immediate self-defense.”

With a 50-50 tie in the Senate and Vice President Kamala Harris serving as a tiebreaker, Democrats have found a new opportunity to crack down on the Second Amendment. President Joe Biden ran on a strong gun restriction platform, including plans to add additional background check and ban certain “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

This is not the first time The Background Check Expansion Act has been pushed before lawmakers. The act was first presented in January 2019 in the House, passing the next month. However, it did not pass in the Senate, as it was controlled by Republicans at the time.

Currently, the House has the votes to pass the act. However, the 60-vote threshold required in the Senate would require several Republicans to join the legislation, making the passing of the bill unlikely. 

For now, America’s gun owners can at least breathe a little easier, knowing the current Democrat-backed legislation has little hope of becoming law. However, the addition of more limits on Second Amendment freedoms continues to concern patriotic Americans, and rightfully so.

What part of the Second Amendment do Democrats not get? The words plainly declare, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

The right is “of the people,” not of the government. The phrase “shall not be infringed” should include any and all limitations to law-abiding citizens. Yet every mass shooting incident, as terrible as these are, have become cheap shots for the left to push for new laws to remove guns from the hands of those who would never dare pull a trigger against an innocent person.

Excessive firearm legislation clearly does not stop gun violence. In fact, cities like Chicago that have some of the strongest anti-gun laws also have some of the highest gun violence rates. The nation’s citizens don’t need leftist lawfare to stop legal gun purchases. Our nation needs to stop defunding police and support those who put their lives on the line to stop those who live outside the law.

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18 Responses

  1. Democratic gun control has nothing to do with protecting individuals, but has everything to do with Dictatorship Control. . An honest Politician has nothing to fear from it’s Armed Patriotic Citizens, a dis-honest Administration has everything to fear from it’s Armed Patriotic Citizens.

  2. And we’re inching closer and closer to war, the tyranny within our government is growing faster and faster.

  3. “commonsense gun control or reform “is not commonsense . It is just repetitive. There are already hundreds of gun laws on the books. No matter how many laws get written it will not make any difference in gun crime. The politicians know this and so do the majority of everyone else. It’s all about control and disarming the citizens so we won’t be able to resist a oppressive government who no longer want to serve the people, but instead want to rule them. How stupid can some be to not get it that CRIMINALS DO NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT LAWS. Only law abiding people do and we are not the ones causing problems. We are the only ones punished by all these stupid non sense gun laws. The American people will not take much more before a major event happens. I AM A PATRIOT AND DAMN PROUD OF IT. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOMS. FREEDOM FOREVER.

  4. We already, have to fill out a 4473 when purchasing firearms from a gun store! We are following the law. The legal protocol has everything necessary for lawful, gun purchases, and even that is unconstitutional.
    Law abiding gun buyers lead law enforcement to our door. It’s never enough for Democrats because they are only interested in the people being left vulnerable so they can proceed as a more dictatorial leader! The DNC wants to push the envelope further, and further, yet law abiding citizens are being punished for what? There are millions of criminals that the DNC and law enforcement should be worried about! This is where the DNC relents logical thinking that law abiding citizens deserve! You have law abiding gun owners who follow the law, lead law enforcement to our door, hence we become easy to find, a positive action, only law abiding gun owners are willing to do! On the other hand, we deserve something in return, LOGICAL RULES!! It makes absolutely no sense, forget common sense, it makes no sense to remove guns from law abiding gun owners, when criminals are still armed!

  5. The American People, are not stupid people, we know, we are watching as our self-described leaders, whom by the way, are influenced by billionaires that are not office holders, we are watching our elected officials break their oath of office, by side-stepping, or just flat out ignoring, the Constitution! Why take an oath, when you don’t respect the Constitution? You twist, and turn, and you fight, for everything the American People don’t want, from you when they put you in office! We see how anti-America you DNC politicians are, and we are sick and tired of your behavior! The ridiculous Mr. Potato-Head issue, you people need to grow up! Idiotic, illogical, lunacy, is rampant! If we didn’t know better, we’d think you are trying to bring America to her knees! We would think that the DNC wants to dictate what the people do! We would think that Nancy Pelosi meant what she said, “ Electing a POTUS is a dangerous thing” so you can see we may misunderstand your actions and words!

  6. There are way more law abiding gun owners than there are anti-gun Democrats! There are way more Constitution lovers, than there are DNC politicians! Do not wake a sleeping giant! There are way more Patriotic Americans, than there are billionaires! We are already in a war in America, we have given you idiots, enough of a head start, and you have disappointed us! You will not disarm law abiding gun owners, we will not allow it, we will not allow you imbeciles to take our faith in God away! The only thing you will get by attempting to disarm us, is blood, and death! You are pushing us into a corner and we are about to be forced to fight back! If you take away our rights we will become criminals that out number law enforcement, DNC Politicians, and armed service.members! We do not want this, but what choice do we have? We will not leave ourselves vulnerable! Proceed with caution, angry, frightened, desperate American People, are horrifying! Once you commit to drawing a line in the sand, we will not stop until we rule ourselves by the standards of the Constitution!

  7. This is looking like we need to split our country RED states we will live with the constitution that the BLUE states would like to change it.

    1. The problem with this is how do we separate? Red states have Blue both and vice versa. I’m in a very mixed state, Pennsylvania. We retired to a 12 acre 270 year old piece of heaven. As a lifelong resident, I will not move. I’m 72 years old. I would rather fight and maybe die than give in to the devious Democrats. My ancestors came over in a fleet of ships with Wm. Penn. I’m not giving up my heritage without a fight. Beware the Red wave! Nuff’said.

  8. In my small part of the world, opinions reverse quickly when discussion reveals what the democrats really want is to register transfers between mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. The fact that changes minds is that these laws severely punish tens of millions of mourning widows who fail to run background checks on those who were promised their dead husbands’ firearms. Usually, those would be their children.

    They’re not told by pollsters that democrats demand checks on heirs of inheritances, bequeathals, gifts and sales of inherited collections, however small they are. Democrats who craft these poor laws don’t bother to tell widows and first line heirs how far in advance background checks need to be acquired, even for the widow. Usually, death doesn’t occur within a month or so of when it is expected. Even if you exempt family members now, never doubt that the democrats soon will add them. Bottom line is democrats want to choose who’s allowed to own firearms.

    Pollsters also omit the fact that transfers include selling, giving, lending, returning, renting, or simply handing a firearm to another person or any action that causes a firearm to be transferred from one law-abiding person to another law-abiding person. Pollsters also never mention the recent notion of “stranger-to-stranger” sales would only be effective if outlaws suddenly began asking the government’s permission to buy arms.

    Among our founders, a dozen or more governors who support such oppression would be driven from the chambers as Tories. These laws would have been deemed unthinkable insults to the notion of a constitutional republic. Universal background check laws are being trumpeted by democrats again because this may be the last time they enjoy a House majority. Democrats want you to believe criminals will ask the government for permission to have a firearm. Excluding criminals, this notion would require registration and tracking half a billion items.

  9. The DNC is public enemy #1. You lie, cheat, steal, and murder! You humiliating, hypocritical, buffoons, would be comical if it wasn’t our lives you are dealing with! BHO, and HRC, with the blessing of Chuck, and Nancy, rigged your own party’s Presidential Nomination Election in 2016, stealing it from the winner, Bernie Sanders! Nancy and Chuck decided that HRC should be put, into office!
    Surely the DNC princess HRC would wipe the floor with Trump, well the logic of Chuck and Nancy is an oxymoron! Trump won by a landslide, and you imbecilic DNC Politicians, corrupted our most prestigious, storied, envied, law enforcement agencies in the 4 years Trump was in office! You came up with lies, you lied to a FISA Court Judge to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trumps, and others! Leaders of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, were publicly insinuating the assassination of the POTUS! The DNC and today’s illegitimate DNC POTUS sat on a stage and told the story of how he misused the office he held, by holding up funds to Ukrainian government, until his son was put on the board of an independent Ukrainian Corporation! This went on while the DNC was attempting to impeach a sitting POTUS by blaming him of the crime Joe Biden admitted to doing himself! Now Quid-Pro-Joe, is the sitting POTUS! 80 years old and showing signs of dementia! Your behavior is unethical, unconstitutional, and criminal.

  10. GET THE GANG GUNS !!! Clean up Washington DC, Detroit, NYC Newark, NJ Chicago etc. [NOTE : ALL Democratic controlled governments]

  11. That bunch of communists posing as democrats want background checks. Speaking for myself, I’ve undergone several FBI full background checks. Once while in the military, once when I did work in the nuclear test site at Mercury NV, and once when I got my CCW to carry a concealed weapon that was required when I was an Arizona Ranger, a volunteer organization. I wonder what more they want other than have complete control over those of us who belong here, be we citizens or not. Is anyone aware that ALL those serving in Congress have never had to undergo background checks when elected? They do not and they have the ability to DECLARE WAR! Something about this stinks to high heaven.

  12. All you tyrants are asking for trouble that you or us want, we the people as free citizens shall not back down to your anti constitution acts

  13. the same liberal democrats who want to take your guns away are the same people who wan to turn violent criminals loose, even if THEY COMMIT CRIMES WITH GUNS. they also let these rioters terrorize people . In my opinion, they can all go to hell!!

    1. Not only do the DemonRats want to turn violent criminals loose (and lock up the innocent) but also Creepy Joe is now deliberately allowing illegals who have COVID to enter and re-infect states that have re-opened for business in order to bring back the lockdowns. Looks like Treason to me!

  14. I feel a good example of the advantage of gun ownership in this country should be legal for all law abiding citizens is when Japan was preparing to invade the West Coast. Admiral Yamamoto, who was in command said, “Firearms are as plentiful as the blades of grass. Casualties would be unacceptable.” Can anyone even think of what a country like China or Iran would walk into if they tried to invade our country and every hunter, gun collector and target shooter started firing on them? Granted, there are people in this country who shouldn’t even be in the same county with a firearm. But the legal gun owners would obviously create all kinds of havoc. Somehow, I get the feeling that’s the last thing our dictator, Biden, wants.

    1. You are absolutely right. Yamamoto was educated at (liberal) Harvard so he knew about our tradition of gun ownership. Biden wants to destroy that because he is beholden to Communist China and is willing to sell us out to them.

      I remember a line from an old movie, “1000 Years From Now” that is a tad eerie and something that the Demented One should pay attention to. One of the tribal chiefs (this follows a disastrous war) is betrayed and murdered by his second in command in order to “sit in the chief’s chair” where he is quickly killed. The line that follows is, “He betrayed his own people; I could never trust him. But he did sit in the Chief’s Chair.” Well, Biden is in the Chief’s Chair now and is betraying us to Communist China.

  15. And there’s something else about the so-called democrats and their anti firearm attitude. Speaking for myself, I underwent several full FBI background checks and on U.S. Coast Guard background check. Those people in Congress, all of them, have never had to have their backgrounds checked when elected. They are the ones who have the ability to DECLARE WAR AND GET NO TELLING HOW MANY AMERICANS KILLED. When then President Trump was elected, I understand he had to undergo a full background check. A double standard in our now communist government? YOUR DAMN RIGHT!!

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