Armored Backpacks Are a Game Changer in Personal Protection

Armored backpacks are becoming more and more popular in the realm of wearable body protection. Otherwise, known as “bulletproof” backpacks, these are made to provide a similar kind of protection as a bulletproof vest, but is more practical and comfortable to carry with you. People are taking these to work or school in order to provide a little bit of protection without wearing a bulky vest.

How effective are these armored backpacks? Very, it turns out. They can save your life in a dangerous situation. Let’s look at some important details about an armored backpack to decide if carrying one is right for you or your child.

Sales Naturally Go Up After a Mass Shooting

In any school or mass shooting situation, sales for bulletproof backpacks naturally go up. So, how do these backpacks actually work?

The backpacks themselves consist of discreet panels that are made of Kevlar material. It’s the same material that body armor is traditionally made of. The material is soft and lightweight, and made to stop bullets with different ballistics ratings. Most of them could stop a handgun’s ammunition, but not an AR-15 or other larger rifle rounds.

You also get what you pay for with a high quality armored backpack. If you find one for less than $50, it’s probably not going to be as high quality as one that is more expensive. You should expect to pay $200-$500 for an effective one. Make sure it has a rating from the National Institute of Justice, which sets the standards for performance of any bulletproof backpack. The most popular rating is a Level IIIA or 3A. This means that it can stop a bullet from a 9 mm handgun or Magnum .44.

There are also bulletproof inserts available that you can purchase for around $100 to put in a regular backpack.

Ways to Use an Armored Backpack

There are a few different ways to use an armored backpack. You can position it on your back as you would normally carry a backpack, pull it around to your front, or use the backpack as a shield.

The best way to use it would depend on which situation you are presented with in real life. You may have to make a split-second decision on which way would be more effective at carrying your backpack for optimal protection.

Keep in mind as well that these backpacks are traditionally heavier than a regular backpack, so people with back issues or very small children may not be able to handle the weight. Finding one that is right and comfortable to wear is important.

Is a Bulletproof Backpack Worth It?

This is a personal question that only the wearer can answer. If it makes you or your child feel safer, then it’s absolutely worth it to purchase an armored backpack. At the very least if you aren’t ready to commit to a full backpack it might be a good idea to purchase an insert for your existing backpack. After all, some protection is better than zero protection in any case.

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